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Master kit


Our Automotive Master Kit contains everything a new user could ever wish for in a PicoScope diagnostics kit. With everything from the Advanced Kit included, and the addition of our new WPS500X Maxi Kit and additional accessories too!

The Master Kit is available on our product kits page.

WPS500X Maxi kit


Our WPS500X Maxi kit allows you to purchase the WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer together with our full set of hoses and adapters, giving you the maximum possible flexibility we can offer.

WPS500X Adaptor kit B


The WPS500X Adaptor kit B lets you use your WPS500X as a replacement for the gauge in a wide range of compatible pressure test kits. This kit lets you reuse your existing adaptors and still gain the advantages of seeing pressure activity in real time with the WPS500X.

WPS500X Adaptor kit A


The Pico WPS500X Adaptor Kit A lets you use your WPS500X as a replacement for the gauge in a wide range of AST pressure testing kits. This kit enables you to reuse your existing adaptors, and still gain the advantages of seeing pressure activity in real time with the WPS500X.

COP and signal probe


The Coil-on-plug (COP) and signal probe from Pico Technology is the fastest way to check coil-on-plug ignition coils and spark plugs.

Like distributors, spark plug wires (HT leads) are starting to disappear from cars. With the new COP ignition systems, the ignition coils are connected directly to the spark plugs, eliminating the need for the spark plug wires. With no high-voltage spark wires, you need a COP probe to pick up the secondary ignition waveform.

Next Generation of Automotive PicoScopes


Pico Technology has launched the next generation of Automotive PicoScopes with a host of exciting features. We have again managed to massively improve the performance but keep the same price. The new scopes are available as 2-channel (PicoScope 4225) and 4-channel (PicoScope 4425) options, and are supported by a complete range of kits to give workshops the chance to make money from their PicoScope, right out of the box.

Faster sampling at up to 400 million samples per second, with a 250 million sample memory, means that nothing can escape the PicoScope.

The PicoScope 4425 boasts an input voltage at ±200 V, to handle increasing injector voltages without the need for attenuators. They are all captured in 12-bit resolution (16-bit in enhanced mode), with ±1% accuracy.

For more information, or to order your PicoScope online today please visit the Automotive PicoScopes section of our website.

Pico automotive news

Pico Technology celebrates 25th anniversary


In July 2016 Pico Technology celebrated 25 years of business. Pico data loggers, oscilloscopes and signal generators are used by engineers, scientists and technicians around the globe to bring their products to market. Pico automotive diagnostics products help keep the wheels turning for vehicle manufacturers and service organizations on every continent.

1991 was an interesting year. Intel introduced the low-cost 486SX microprocessor, priced at $258. It was implemented on PCs running MS-DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.0. The World Wide Web Consortium was founded by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, and the GSM mobile network was launched in Europe.

On 1st July Alan Tong and Mike Green co-founded Pico Technology. The company was originally set up as a software consultancy to develop data acquisition solutions using plug-in expansion cards, mostly for customers in the medical industry.

Pico, operating from Hardwick near Cambridge, introduced its first product, the ADC-10, so called because it was an analog to digital converter and sampled at 10 kS/s. It connected to the PC via the parallel port. The first order for ADC-10s was received in August that year, with two units sold for £49 each.

The ADC-10 was the world’s first PC Oscilloscope, and in the years that followed Pico notched up several more industry firsts, including the first oscilloscope with digital triggering and the first high-resolution oscilloscope.

Today, Pico has over one hundred employees at its head office in St Neots, UK and its subsidiaries in the USA and Lithuania. The company has three divisions producing Test & Measurement, Automotive Diagnostics and Radio Frequency test products that are sold worldwide.

Managing Director and owner Alan Tong said “Pico Technology are serving engineers, scientists and technicians with affordable instruments that capture, display and analyze the signals in their world. We take advantage of the latest computing and communications standards and provide excellent value with all-inclusive product packages that don’t require users to purchase additional options or licenses.”

“The company culture at Pico is key to our success,” continued Tong. “We treat customers as our friends, with free software upgrades and technical support for the lifetime of each product. Pico users are very loyal and have become strong advocates for our products amongst their colleagues. We also enjoy very low staff turnover – many of our employees have been at Pico for over a decade.”

“On the 1st July we celebrated with our employees; but we also had in mind other people—suppliers, partners, distributors and former employees—who have enabled us to deliver 25 years of continuous growth.”

For more information on Pico Technology, please vist our press site:

PicoScope Waveform Library


With version 6.9 of PicoScope Automotive we started including our popular Waveform Library Browser feature. Located under the File menu, this feature enables you to search a global database of waveforms uploaded by PicoScope users from around the world.

We now have over 2750 waveforms in our library, and more are being updated all the time.

To access the Waveform Library, your automotive scope must be connected, and you must have a valid user name and password for the Pico Automotive Forum.

Once you are logged into the Waveform Library Browser, you have numerous Search Options making it easier to find relevant waveforms, if it is for a specific manufacturer, model or even engine code.

Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Pico are delighted to have been named as winners of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the UK’s highest accolade for business success. The award, given for our achievements in International Trade, recognizes our long history of designing PC Oscilloscopes, Automotive Diagnostics tools and PC Data Loggers and exporting them around the world.

“This is the most exciting event for Pico Technology since our foundation in 1991,” announced Managing Director Alan Tong. “The company has grown every year since then, contributing to the local and national economy and employing over 70 people at our United Kingdom headquarters. I believe that this award reflects not only our own success, but also the continuing importance of the UK’s manufacturing and technology sectors to our country’s prosperity. I would like to thank the team at Pico, our customers and suppliers and our partners worldwide for their contribution to our story.”

Pico Technology introduced the first PC Oscilloscope 23 years ago. Our PC-based products are portable and have made Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscopes affordable and easy to use for workshops and repairers worldwide.

Despite its global reach, Pico Technology has never lost sight of its responsibilities to the local community. We contribute to several UK charities, help to train students every year from nearby colleges, and are currently recruiting for several vacancies at our UK headquarters.

About the Queen’s Awards

Approximately 160 Queen’s Awards have been announced this year for outstanding business achievement in the fields of International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development.

Winners of The Queen’s Awards can expect an invitation to attend a special reception at Buckingham Palace. They can also use The Queen’s Award Emblem in advertising, marketing and on packaging for a period of five years as a symbol of their quality and success.

The awards are made annually by HM The Queen, and are only given for the highest levels of excellence demonstrated in each category.

To find out more about The Queen’s Awards visit

New Feature – Filter Options


The latest Beta version of PicoScope Automotive 6.9.5 introduces another valuable feature.

PicoScopes have both hardware-based low pass filters (bandwidth limiters) and software-based low pass filters (digital filters). Each type of filter has different advantages and disadvantages and can be used independently or combined for maximum flexibility.

As low pass filters are the ones most commonly used, they are available in the channel options. In PicoScope 6.9.5 we have added more digital filters (high pass, band pass etc.), and made them available as math channels. The advantage of using math channels is that you can now display the original (unfiltered) waveform at the same time as the filtered waveform.

Pico Newsletter

Pico Technology publishes a monthly automotive diagnostics newsletter. Each newsletter contains information about the latest software and hardware releases, application notes, tutorials and technical tips.