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New product: Mongoose-Plus ISO/CAN3



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As a technician, you get asked to locate and identify sources of nuisance noises, squeaks, bumps, rattles and vibrations etc. Depending on your experience, these Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) jobs can fill you with a similar dread to when you are asked to “go and find the water leak” - both can be troublesome because their respective sources might be located well away from where the main symptoms (e.g. wet feet or a heavily shaking steering wheel) are felt. However, in the case of NVH diagnosis, you can give yourself a major head start by using our NVH kit and software in tandem with the newly released Mongoose®-Plus ISO/CAN3 pass-thru device.

The Mongoose-Plus ISO/CAN3 is a brand new pass-thru device from Opus IVS (the Intelligent Vehicle Support division of the Opus Group) and replaces the MongoosePro® ISO/CAN 2. The device allows our NVH software to acquire key signals, such as the vehicle and engine speeds, directly from a vehicle’s engine control unit. By combining those with the signals from the sensors available within our NVH kits, the NVH software can identify and display speed-related noise and vibrations, making it a superb solution if you are looking to hunt down drivetrain related NVH issues (i.e. those caused by the engine, transmission, propshafts/driveshafts, differential, wheels/tyres and other auxiliary components etc.).

The economical and compact Mongoose-Plus ISO/CAN3 interface features industry-leading J2534 pass-thru technology and is an easy-to-use vehicle interface for the reliable acquisition of serial communications signals. We selected this device based on its excellent performance in use, and the fact that versions of it have been widely used by many vehicle manufacturers.

In addition, the Mongoose-Plus pass-thru capabilities enable OBD and, in some cases, vehicle manufacturer diagnostics (with appropriate 3rd party OE applications, which are available and supported elsewhere but not by Pico Technology). It has a rugged & ergonomic enclosure suitable for use in the workshop environment and a detachable USB cable that allows for easy field replacement.

The Mongoose-Plus ISO/CAN3 interface makes a perfect complement to our NVH kit and software. You can purchase the Mongoose-Plus ISO/CAN3 pass-thru device from our distributors or directly via our website.