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PS7 display issues due to Intel iRIS Graphics


Screenshot of PicoScope 7 Automotive with empty display

The support team has received a fair number of tickets concerning the operation of the PS7 signal display. The program will launch but the display will be blank.

We have found this not to be a PS7 issue but an Intel issue concerning the hardware acceleration in their iRIS Graphics card. You can confirm if your computer is equipped by going to the Windows 10 search bar (lower left-hand corner), typing in “System Information” and opening the “System App” at the top of the page.

Screenshot of System information

Scroll down to “Components” and then “Display”

Screenshot of Display information

If you have this graphics adapter in your pc the issue lies within the hardware acceleration. Disabling it will rectify the situation. This can be easily done by using our zip file found here on our forum.

Make sure to run the “Disable” feature and not the “Enable”. Intel has already released beta drivers that do fix the issue but it may be a while before they trickle down to the computer manufacturers. Keep an eye out for any future updates to your graphics adapter software. 

Randy Dillman
Global Tech Support Member

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