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Focus piece: The TA466 Two-pole Voltage Detector from Pico Auto


Steve Smith walks us through the purpose of the tool and the best way to use it alongside our EV kit.

"There can be no mistake that electrification in automotive applications is here to change the world of transportation as we know it. Whether we utilize electrification to assist or replace the internal combustion engine, modern vehicles will include additional high voltage wiring and components that, at some point in their service life, may require maintenance, diagnosis or repair.

Electrified powertrains should not be feared but more so relished for the diagnostic opportunities they present such as charging errors, contactor failure, inverter malfunctions, insulation and earth bonding faults.

Naturally, training is fundamental to diagnosis and the electrified powertrains are no exception as we require new skill sets to acquire revised measurement techniques using alternative test equipment.

One such piece of alternative test equipment, that will be new to many, is the Two-pole Voltage Detector from Pico Auto, which is designed to categorically prove the absence of voltage (zero potential) when following the correct test procedure."

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