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Product launch: Off-Highway Kit



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At Automechanika Frankfurt 2022, we were excited to launch a set of new off-highway kits for Heavy-Duty vehicle and Off-Highway (HD-OH) equipment testing built around a dedicated PicoScope oscilloscope.

Created for fault diagnosis on trucks, tractors, forklifts, boats, combine harvesters, excavators and more, the off-highway kits contain a modified PS4425A PicoScope having additional protection to better withstand off-highway conditions. The scope is fully supported by Pico Technology’s class-leading, and free, PicoScope 7 Automotive software. The included accessories help users quickly connect and easily carry out non-intrusive and non-invasive measurements on a wide variety of systems and components found in these vehicles.

For further details, or to buy an Off-Highway Kit, you can check out the full press release and product page on our website.