PicoScope Waveform Library

PicoScope 7 Automotive Software now includes a major update of the rebuilt Waveform Library, featuring new waveform management tools and substantial performance enhancements. Technicians using an Automotive PicoScope can fully update or delete any of their uploaded waveforms within the library, giving them the opportunity to have an easily managed collection. The Waveform Library now streamlines the entire upload process, meaning users can continue with their diagnostics as they are uploaded. In addition, users can continue to search and download waveforms, whether uploaded by themselves or others, more quickly due to extensive server improvements. Behind the scenes, there are numerous updates to the Waveform Library administration features to drive improved waveform data integrity and consistency.

With oscilloscope diagnostics, waveforms are a technician’s reference data of choice as they aid almost instant pass/fail diagnostic decisions. However, due to vehicle diversity, vehicle complexity, and the almost limitless range of conditions in which faults can occur, it can be hard for a technician to find a suitable reference waveform. To increase their chances of finding a suitable match, technicians can do two things: They can build and manage their own collection or find a waveform gathered by someone else. As it turns out, Pico Technology’s Waveform Library is designed to help them do both. In addition, the Waveform Library provides a totally-free waveform backup service that they can access from any PC that has a suitable Automotive PicoScope connected.

The PicoScope Automotive Waveform Library is constantly growing, and significantly increases a PicoScope user’s chances of diagnostic success and we regularly see user reports to that effect. At the very least, the waveforms can help users set up their tests when they are unsure what settings to use. So there really are only upsides to the use of the Waveform Library. It’s easy to see the library as a resource for technicians. However, technical support personnel, service managers, dealer groups, and claims handlers can all use the library to store and share important waveforms so that colleagues can reference them at a future point. For example, this may be to provide quick access to reference data for commonly occurring faults or for determining whether a case has met warranty claim criteria. There is no other reference waveform library tool out there that can deliver those benefits.

To access the Waveform Library you must have:

  • An Automotive PicoScope connected (Non-automotive models such as 2204A are not compatible)
  • A working internet connection
  • PicoScope 7 Automotive Software installed and running
  • Pico Automotive forum credentials

Once logged into the Waveform Library Browser you will find numerous Search Options allowing you to locate a relevant waveform for a specific manufacturer or model. You can also search for a waveform using just the engine code, allowing you to locate a waveform that may not have been saved under your search entry but is applicable to other models or manufacturers using that engine.

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In addition to the Waveform Library, you can also find example waveforms in our growing range of Guided Tests. These are examples of possible waveform captures for the specific tests.

The Guided Tests are great tools for setting up and performing tests. Opening one will automatically apply suitable settings in the software, and give you a wealth of technical and troubleshooting information, as well as access to a reference waveform. All these resources are valuable in the process of capturing and analyzing your own waveforms. You can find the Guided Tests in the PicoScope Automotive software or on our website.

Waveform Library

Waveform Library Manual Transmission

Waveform Library Fuel Ratio Sensor

Waveform Library ATF Oil Feed Solenoid

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Waveform Library Diesel

Waveform Library Diesel Toyota

Waveform Library Petrol Toyota 4 Cylinders

Waveform Library Petrol Toyota with 4 Cylinders and Flat Configuration