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Pico Technology is the market leader in PC-based oscilloscopes and dataloggers: our award-winning PicoScopes are used by more than 20 of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers to improve quality and reduce cost.

With PicoScopes you can get an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, NVH analyzer, or even a tester for engine compression and the battery/starter/charging system. We have a long history of adding new features through free software upgrades, so your PicoScope just keeps getting better.

The following four sections give further information on how our market leading products can benefit your business:

Fix it right first time with PicoScope

PicoScope products are designed to save you, and your customers, money by improving both the accuracy and efficiency of fault diagnosis. PicoScope complements serial diagnostics as an essential part of improving customer satisfaction. Using PicoScope to verify problems and repairs ensures that you fix it right first time, reducing warranty claims.

With built-in help and preconfigured Guided Tests, PicoScope is easy to use and a seamless part of your diagnostic process. PicoScope shows your technicians what is actually happening, building improved understanding and diagnostic skills.

PC-based PicoScope allows your technical hotline to instantly investigate any vehicle that comes in for repair or service. Combined with the serial decoding features, complex CAN problems can be diagnosed on any car in the field by HQ staff using PicoScope, improving your responsiveness, accuracy and efficiency.

PicoScope covers electrical and electronic systems, and can also reveal mechanical problems, and measure fluid pressures and temperatures. We also provide a market-leading Noise, Vibration & Harshness solution for vehicle manufacturers.

VM software

Custom software for manufacturers

PicoScope offers a range of customizations to ensure that you have the most appropriate solution for your network. Corporate colors and branding, kit contents, special interfaces to protect legacy investment and combined test solutions including third-party accessories and equipment are all part of the service from Pico.

Software customization includes the ability to restrict your valuable data, and provides private access to the waveform library for your vehicles and systems.

We have the in-house engineering capability to handle system integration, and PicoScopes are included as part of complete diagnostic systems.

Case Study 1: Iveco

Iveco is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles and diesel engines in the world. All of their vehicles are designed for commercial or public service use, so it’s imperative that maintenance is carried out quickly and effectively.

Pico collaborated with Panasonic to provide Iveco with a solution to their diagnostic needs.

By using a customised Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kit and a Panasonic Toughbook PC, Pico were able to provide Iveco with a powerful automotive tool that enables engineers to find and rectify problems, or test specific components and calibrations wherever they are.

PicoScope Astonmartin

Case Study 2: Aston Martin

Pico Technology supplied a customised oscilloscope diagnostics kit to every Aston Martin dealer worldwide.

Aston Martin joined the growing list of vehicle manufacturers that chose to equip their dealers with PicoScope diagnostics kits. With the growing amount of electronics in modern vehicles, a PicoScope became an essential tool for Aston Martin in providing world-class service, reliability and performance. The Pico diagnostics kit supports Aston Martin’s entire range of current vehicles, and can easily be expanded to support new models.

Aston Martin were impressed by Pico’s willingness to listen to their requirements, offer advice, and come up with a high-quality solution. The kit significantly improved the efficiency of Aston Martin’s dealers and the content of their training programme.

Aftersales support

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with the design and deployment of your customized diagnostic kit: we will provide full aftersales support to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your Pico automotive diagnostic solution. Our standard 2-year warranty can be extended to fit your program, and we already work with a range of VM distribution and support partners worldwide.

Existing customers

To access to your customized software, please log in to Pico OEM.

WPS 600 pressure transducer

Hydraulic and mechanical issues

PicoScope is not just for diagnosis of electrical signals; hydraulic, mechanical, vibration, noise, timing, battery, charging and starting problems are all covered by our comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions. From ensuring the synchronization of hydraulic clutch shifts to valve and PTO checks, and interface with flow meters, PicoScope forms the heart of an integrated diagnostic solution suitable for use in the field.

Noise, vibration and harshness

The PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit from Pico Technology is the cost-effective answer to the many NVH problems facing technicians today. It provides real-time diagnosis to the technician in the form of a simple bar graph, frequency chart, 3D frequency chart, RPM order or road speed view. The ability to start the recording before a road test, and play back the recording for analysis on your return, ensures that driver attention remains on the road. Saving the recordings couldn’t be simpler: much like our other automotive software you simply save the file to your laptop’s hard drive. With a host of advanced features, comprehensive testing is translated into information and guidance designed for service technicians.

High-voltage safety testing

Pico Technology can provide an insulation, continuity and high-voltage tester that has been designed for electrical testing by trained automotive technicians.  Safety rated to CAT IV 600 V the system is suitable for use in current and future high-energy systems.

The Safety Tester provides both standalone testing for electrical installations, and via a Bluetooth link with your PC can operate a comprehensive ‘Guided Procedure’ within PicoDiagnostics for the safe testing of high voltage systems on vehicles. The procedure can be updated to take account of legislated, industry-specific or customer changes.

Automotive oscilloscope kits

For any engineers working on the design of electronic systems, one of the standard automotive oscilloscope kits is ideal. These kits can be expanded to measure NVH, perform shaft balancing or test pressure. As standard they can decode the following serial protocols:

  • CAN bus 
  • LIN bus
  • FlexRay
  • SENT

There are obvious advantages to using the same tools to help develop vehicles as the dealer network uses to diagnose and repair. Many vehicle manufacturers have taken advantage of this and especially in the early days of a new model's introduction the ability to send waveforms and data back from the field has proved invaluable.

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Full range of PicoScope oscilloscopes

As well as automotive oscilloscopes, Pico manufacture a wide range of PC oscilloscopes to suit the most demanding applications. These are less suited for general diagnostic work and more to specialist R&D. Models are available with the following characteristics:

Bandwidths up to 20 GHz for RF measurements
TDR / TDT options for connector & loom characterization
Optical inputs
Resolutions to 16 bits for audio and NVH testing
Memory depths to 2 GS for long captures at high speeds
Up to 8 analog channels and 16 digital channels

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PicoLog data loggers

PicoLog data loggers are suited to multichannel measurement of voltage, current, pressure, acceleration, temperature and other quantities. Multiple units can be used on the same PC allowing a “mix and match” of different sensor types. Models are available with:

Thermocouple temperature inputs for wide temperature ranges (exhaust headers, turbos)
PT-100 temperature inputs for accurate temperature measurements (cabin, calibration)
High-speed voltage input with up to 16 channels
High resolution (24-bit) and accuracy
Current measurement and logging

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