Why PicoPlanet?

Pico Technology has long tried to be environmentally friendly, but with the more recent IPCC and UN reports it became obvious that much more needed to be done. Taking the science, the threat of climate change and environmental biodiversity loss into account, we feel that it is more important than ever to act.

With this in mind, we created an internal group called PicoPlanet.

What we’re doing now

Solar panels

In November 2021, Pico had 216 solar panels installed. Capturing energy from our sun the solar panels provide us with clean, green energy to power our head office in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. Below, you can see the environmental benefits our solar panels have had so far, and these numbers will continue to grow.

Environmental benefits

Vector image of a grey factory with green clouds above
CO2 Emissions saved
3275.85 kg
Watering can pouring water over two green plants
Equivalent trees planted
Arm of a man lifting a section of insulation


During lockdown, Pico took the opportunity to refurbish our head office in St Neots. As part of this project, the PicoPlanet team was involved to give guidance on various energy efficient investments, one of which was on the subject of insulation. We’re pleased to report that 150 mm of cavity wall insulation has been fitted throughout the refurbishment, offering enhanced thermal performance.

EV chargers

Pico currently has four EV chargers installed, with more to come. These chargers are available for staff to use as electric vehicles become more and more popular.

Close up picture of an installed electric charger

Motion sensors

Several of our meeting rooms and cloakrooms now have motion sensors installed for lighting control. This ensures lights are not left on, further helping to save energy.

close-up shot of Pico Technology branded tape

Plastic-free tape

We made the switch to plastic-free tape enabling all our packaging to be fully recycled and compostable.

Recycling bins

Throughout the office areas, Pico has placed mixed recycling bins, allowing for the separation of general waste, paper, and other recyclable materials.

Two recycling bins with the left one for mixed recyclables and general waste and the right for paper.

Crimping machine

In January of 2020, Pico purchased a crimping machine to enable us to recycle cardboard packaging from suppliers. We use this as an alternative to bubble wrap when sending our goods on to customers and distributors.

Printed materials on carbon captured paper featuring Woodland trust logo


We carefully consider our printing needs, questioning whether digital copies could be used instead.

Anything that must be printed is then done so on Carbon Captured paper, with carefully considered volumes in order to reduce waste.

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Automotive app

To help reduce our printing even further, we converted our popular automotive help guide to a handy mobile app. This full-colour, printed guide was previously supplied with every automotive kit sold.

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mobile phone with the Picoapp runing featuring Apple Store and Google Play badges
vector image of green power button

Power bars

On every desk in the Pico offices we have power bars. All PC and desk equipment is connected to these bars, which are themselves then turned off at the end of the working day. This saves long periods of standby for hundreds of screens, laptop docks and power supplies.

vector image of green LED bulb

LED lights

Throughout the head office in St Neots, LED lights have replaced hundreds of fluorescent tubes that were once in place. With lights being on throughout the working day this offered a significant reduction in energy use.

Geen Woodland trust logo featuring two leaves

Trees not hampers

At Christmas time, we made the decision to plant trees with the Woodland’s Trust, in-lieu of sending out cards or gifts to our distributors and suppliers.

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What we measure

PicoPlanet base numbers have been calculated over the last 3 years, as we come to grips with the carbon impacts of our company. Starting in 2022 we will be updating our measures against our base numbers and thus documenting our journey towards our targets.
All measurements are in CO2 tonnes.


vector image of a green lightbulb





vector image of a green flame





vector image of a green water droplet




Air travel

vector image of a green plane





vector image of a freight truck





vector image of a green trashbin





vector image of a green car




Pico Technology uses green energy suppliers

a green tree on a hill with a yell pound symbol underneath

Carbon budget

Current targets:

Reducing our carbon outputs by 35% from our base numbers by the end of 2023.

In addition to this, we're offsetting our carbon footprint from 2022 to further reduce our environmental impact.

What we plan to do

a brown waste bin with a carrot, bannana and lettuce sitting on top

Provide food waste bins

a cartoon person standing an gesturing toward a green recycling symbol while three others watch

Arrange educational talks for staff

a bee flying towards three flowers

Plant bee-friendly flowers in our garden

a split image feauting a single person on a video call above and two people sitting around a table on the image below

Encourage hybrid working to reduce commuting

an image of a plane flying above a train

Find alternatives to air travel

a Pico Technology braned plastic case

Find alternatives to our plastic cases