PicoScope Automotive

Your Diagnostic Journey

The definitive PicoScope guide to automotive oscilloscope diagnostics
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The PicoScope Automotive app will guide you through your journey in oscilloscope diagnostics.

Learn about PicoScope and the different kits available, use our Top ten Guided tests and benefit from tips on how to use your new PicoScope.

Note: This application does not connect to your PicoScope or display waveforms on your phone or tablet.

PicoScope automotive software in use with a vehicle

Confidently master your diagnostic skills with PicoScope and become the best technician you can be.

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The app includes articles, animations and videos that show how PicoScope benefits you and your business and demonstrate the ease and simplicity of the PicoScope hardware and software.

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Key Features

Screenshot of the PicoScope app on the 'What is PicoScope' page
How to get started with PicoScope
Screenshot of the PicoScope app on the 'Understanding Waveforms' page
Waveform analysis and advice
Screenshot of the PicoScope app on the 'PicoScope Kits' page
Find the right PicoScope kit for you

Read our popular case studies

Take a simple quiz to find the best kit for you

Bite-sized training videos

PicoScope automotive application on mobile

Watch animations of our Top 10 Guided tests

See the content and the tests you can perform with each kit

Real-life workshop applications

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