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Product launch: PicoBNC+® Optical Sensor Kit



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Pico Technology has launched its new PQ316 PicoBNC+® Optical Sensor Kit, featuring the TA497 PicoBNC+ optical sensor. The new optical sensor kit provides users with a convenient means to capture rotational speed reference signals for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) balancing applications with all the ease-of-use benefits provided by Pico Technology’s PicoBNC+ smart interface technology.

Pico Technology’s NVH kits reveal vibrations related to engine (RPM), propshaft, and road speed that can be caused by imbalance of rotating components, or other factors. The PQ316 PicoBNC+ optical kit can be partnered with an NVH kit and a PicoBNC+ Automotive PicoScope to help users detect propshaft (drive shaft) vibrations; in these cases, it can be much faster and less expensive to rebalance the propshaft while it is on the vehicle rather than to remove and replace it. The PQ316 PicoBNC+ optical sensor kit can also support speed measurement of other rotating items.

For further details, or to buy a PicoBNC+® Optical Sensor Kit, you can check out the full press release and product page on our website.