PicoBNC+ Optical sensor kit

The PQ316 kit includes the high-quality TA497 PicoBNC+ optical sensor that connects directly to your PicoScope, and a robust magnetic mount to ensure it is held in the correct position. When compared to its BNC equipped counterpart (using the TA186 optical sensor), the TA497 optical sensor has several ease-of-use benefits: It does not need to be set up in the software, as it is automatically configured. It does not have any batteries that need changing, as it is powered by the scope. Furthermore, an interface box is not required as the sensor connects directly to the oscilloscope so it is, therefore, always ready for use.

Together with an NVH kit, this system brings the technician a level of capability previously only available in the vehicle manufacturer's factory or via expensive and dedicated repair facilities. All of this is supported by our ongoing software updates, which will continue to improve the system long after an initial purchase.

Kit contents:

  • TA497 PicoBNC+ optical sensor
  • TA187 Magnetic base for the optical sensor
  • TA188 Directional tape measure for propshaft balancing
  • TA240 Reflective tape
  • PA100 Carry case for optical sensor kit
PQ316 PicoBNC+ Optical Kit from Pico Technology
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