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CAN decoding on BMW pump test


After following a second forum post regarding the BMW F31 N47 low-pressure Fuel Pump Controller and CAN ID 3 35, it became impossible to ignore the temptation to dig a little deeper into the data field (payload) associated with this ID.

Here is the summary of the second forum post:

ID 3 35 disappears when the fuel pump controller is disconnected from the CAN network.

ID 3 35 is transmitted on the CAN bus if the fuel pump is activated or static. However, the payload is continually updated at 1-second intervals when the fuel pump is running.

ID 3 35 is first transmitted 50 ms before the in-rush current into the fuel pump (trigger point).

Since we had proven that this ID was relative to the operation of the fuel pump, I wrote this piece to share my attempts on deciphering the data field associated with CAN ID 3 35.

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