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PicoScope 7.1


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the Early Access version of PicoScope 7 Automotive has received a minor bump to its version number - it’s moved from version 7.0 to 7.1. This apparently small tweak marks a major milestone in the software’s development, as it is the first version to include all the updated equivalents of the best-loved features found PicoScope 6 Automotive.

Further releases of PicoScope 7 Automotive will continue to deliver improvements in performance, reliability, and usability. More excitingly, we will be introducing a range of new and enhanced features in the updates that are coming your way over the next few months and years so watch this space. On that note, keep an eye out for the next stable version update due within the next few weeks - you’ll immediately notice some big changes.

You can download this Early Access version of PicoScope 7 from our website.