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A new stable PicoScope 7 Automotive release and related support changes


You may have already seen the notification in your PicoScope 7 Automotive (stable) software, indicating that we have recently released an updated application version (7.0.116). This new update includes Masks and Actions, DeepMeasure, and an X-Y instrument (for viewing how two waveforms change relative to each other). PicoScope 7 Automotive now provides all the important functions that users enjoyed in PicoScope 6 Automotive.

The update includes the bonus addition of a brand-new CAN-XL decoder to accompany its CAN and CAN-FD decoder siblings. CAN-XL has been a quickly and widely adopted specification within the automotive industry. The decoder’s inclusion is another means by which PicoScope helps you diagnose faults within the cutting-edge systems and technologies encountered in today’s motor vehicles.

The new release also addresses issues within the software and includes many bug fixes and refinements. It also adds new device drivers that support all our 4823 devices, as well as support for new BNC+ accessories, some of which now can be used as a tachyograph speed reference input in our NVH software. We have worked hard on improving software stability (and we will continue to work on this), as our aim is to always make PicoScope the most satisfying and trustworthy measurement tool for workshop use.

With these additional features and stability improvements in mind, we are taking this opportunity to announce that as of the PicoScope 7 Automotive (7.0.116) software release date, we recommend using this, rather than PicoScope 6 Automotive for all users. PicoScope 6 Automotive cannot access the updated Waveform Library, and is not being updated or supported. For now, PicoScope 6 will remain available on our downloads page for the benefit of users with old PCs and legacy operating systems or devices. We reserve the right to withdraw it from the site without further notice.

We have invested many years of development and continuous improvement to get PicoScope 7 Automotive to this point. We can only thank you for all your continuing support and feedback, especially the negative feedback, which helped us focus on the areas of most importance to our many users. All I can say is, watch this space for more products, features and content that we think, will provide you with unparalleled support in your diagnostic oscilloscope work.