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New Beta version of PicoScope 6 Automotive



Product news

A new and improved Beta version of PicoScope Automotive is now available to download on our website. This update brings with it some updated features, but the first thing you will notice is the improved user interface.

The PicoScope 6 Automotive user interface has been updated to support our customers who use PicoScope on touchscreen devices. The new interface incorporates new Increase and Decrease buttons for various PicoScope settings, and a grid menu for Collection Time and Input Range selection.

In addition to the user interface update, there are also updates to Serial Decoding. Packet Fields have now been integrated, along with an update to the Serial Decoding interface itself.

Remember: Downloading and installing PicoScope 6 Automotive Beta will also give you our latest PicoDiagnostics Beta. See below for more information on the PicoDiagnostics update.

Please note that releases from 6.12.1 onwards will not support Windows XP or Vista. Windows 7 and later is the minimum requirement. Users of older operating systems will need to remain on 6.11 versions of the software.

Download the new software.