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Guided test updates: engine condition assessment


As part of our continuous upgrade process, we are pleased to announce additions and updates to our Guided Tests covering engine condition. The Guided Tests describes how to connect your PicoScope to obtain intake, in-cylinder, crankcase and exhaust pressure waveforms so that you can diagnose engine mechanical faults that may be causing problems with airflow and engine volumetric efficiency. 


Intake manifold pressure during cranking (gasoline) Intake manifold pressure during idle (gasoline)
Intake manifold pressure during a snap test (gasoline) In-cylinder pressure during cranking (gasoline)
In-cylinder pressure during idle (gasoline) In-cylinder pressure during a snap test (gasoline)
Crankcase pressure during cranking Crankcase pressure during idle
Exhaust pressure during cranking Exhaust pressure during idle
Relative compression - gasoline Relative compression - diesel