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Case study: Iveco Eurocargo


Our newest case study focuses on a 2009 Iveco Eurocargo, with warning lights, intermittent loss of operation despite the engine still running, and non-selectable gears on a ZF Lite AS-Tronic gearbox.

"Nobody likes an intermittent fault. You can guarantee that by the time you get to look at it, the problem won’t be there and the chances of it reappearing will be once you hand the vehicle back to the customer. I was asked to join a customer following precisely this situation where an initial assessment was carried out only for the fault to not reappear during the diagnosis. Only once the driver was back on the road did it come back and when this fault occurred, the gearbox would select neutral, idle speed would increase, lack of throttle response and would then just sit there with no way of moving it."

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