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New NVH diagnostics help - feedback welcome!


The latest update of PicoDiagnostics (now bundled with PicoScope 7 Automotive) features a new, improved, Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) diagnostics help manual.

The manual aims to give you a foothold in this area of diagnostics - which isn’t typically covered in most traditional training programmes - and help you to gather the data you need to make appropriate diagnostic decisions.

It includes a new, bigger, glossary describing all the key terms and phrases you need to understand and describe NVH phenomena.

It describes the important first steps you need to take to help you understand the nature of your customer’s complaint and make it more likely that you will achieve a satisfactory outcome for them.

It provides guidance to help you find and set up the best kit configuration for a given NVH complaint.

And finally, there is a comprehensive reference section describing many different vehicle faults and the NVH symptoms they cause. This format helps you to build your own intuition regarding the possible causes of NVH and how you might identify them.

We want all of you to be able to harness the diagnostic power of our NVH kit - there are so many mechanical faults that it can pinpoint without the use of non-invasive techniques - so it is very important to us that the manual is useful. With that in mind, we welcome all feedback. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please contact