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A to Z: Waveform Management added to PicoScope 7 Waveform Library


The Waveform Manager helps you quickly import and edit your local waveforms before uploading them to our free Waveform Library cloud storage. Once there, your waveforms are backed-up and readily available for you to access from other locations or PCs.

When a user has many waveforms, it can be time consuming to track those down across PCs and directories, see whether they meet the minimum data requirements, and then upload them one-by-one to the Waveform Library. The new Waveform Manager feature reduces that effort: it automatically finds the waveforms nested within a selected drive or directory, lets the user select the waveforms to upload, checks whether the uploading waveforms meet the minimum data requirements and provides the user with feedback of the upload status.

“Many of our users find it difficult to manage their waveforms and make them widely available across their workplaces. The Waveform Manager solves this by making it easy for users to add waveforms to their free My Waveforms cloud storage. And, once uploaded, users can easily update the waveform data and access the waveforms from any PC with a suitable PicoScope connected to it.” - Lizzie Codd, Automotive Toolbox and Waveform Library Product Owner

You can find out more about Waveform Management by visiting our new A to Z entry.