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New PicoScope 7 Automotive release (7.0.62)


We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PicoScope 7 Automotive, version 7.0.62, is now available to download.

New Features:

  • It is now possible to save your desired “startup” settings such that every time PicoScope 7 is launched, the software and scope are configured with your preferred settings.
  •  A new Frequency counting threshold control has been added to the Channel options panel so allowing the user to dictate whether the captured pulses qualify towards the frequency count.
  • K Factor entry field has now been added to the probe menu when selecting flow probes (Flowmeters) 
  • “Delete” function has now been added to the created serial decode button.
  • Double-clicking or tapping a packet in the serial decode table will now horizontally pan and zoom to the chosen packet within the graph and vice versa from within the graph to the decode table.
  • Upon connection of a BNC+ probe to either the 4225A or 4425A scopes, an image will now be displayed of the connected probe.
  • A long-awaited feature “Full graph mode” is finally here thanks to feedback from our customers.
  • PicoScope 7 now includes 30 different language settings

You can find more information on all the new features here.


Bug Fixes:

  • Improved functionally and control of additional viewports for Mac users.
  • Improvements to serial decoder edit & filtering functions across all channels and platforms.
  • Improved loading of psdata files containing PicoBNC+ and standard BNC probes, with respect to input range, scale and displayed units.
  • Improved custom probe wizard functionally thanks to additional warning indicators during data entry.
  • Improvements to the handling, editing and display of all probes.

Thank you once again to the software teams for this latest version of PicoScope 7 Automotive, which you can download here or via the auto-update feature in the application.

If you want to read more about how to use these features, Steve Smith has a forum thread where he explains more about the updates for each software release. You can find this forum thread here.