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Pico Auto in 2020


For all of us, 2020 has been a year of difficult challenges, disruption, genuine hardship for many, and personal loss for some. Firstly, we would like to wish all of our customers, colleagues and partners good health and safety in 2021 and express our gratitude for the health and care services in all countries for their efforts through this pandemic.

The impact of Covid, in addition to hitting many people and families, has included severe disruption to supply chains for Pico and many other companies. While our team has been working hard to restore a healthy stock position, we have been struggling to keep up with a significant increase in demand for our products. We do apologise for the delays in supply and understand the problems this has caused; you can be sure that we are maintaining our efforts to fix these issues as soon as possible.

On a more positive note, 2020 was also a big year for Pico in terms of new product introduction. We launched our latest PicoScope model the 4425A in April. This scope features the PicoBNC+ interface to support intelligent, powered probes. The 4425A has truly broken new ground by protecting all the investments already made in BNC accessories while enabling new and exciting applications to be developed to handle future workshop needs. At the same time, the PicoBNC+ interface makes the scope even easier for new users and provides visual guidance and confirmation on correct probe usage.

We followed that up in October with the launch of our EV (Electric Vehicle) Kit based on the 4425A. This is the first in a series of additions to the product line and it allows workshops everywhere to invest in PicoScope and be confident that they have the right solution both for today and also the future.

Another major development was the introduction of our next generation of software, PicoScope 7 Automotive. This was made available as a beta in February and we have made significant updates to the software throughout 2020, including updates based on great feedback from early users. We are preparing for the first stable release of PicoScope 7 Automotive software which is available free of charge for our customers, including the many future updates that will be made to the software. 

We have also been updating and extending our Guided Tests throughout 2020, and this work will continue. In addition to making the tests cleaner, more informative and easier to use, we have been adding specific tests for EV and hybrid to support you in diagnosing them safely and effectively.

We have continued to release great case studies, and entertaining and instructive videos showing PicoScope in action. Please do send us your ideas for case studies, and any suggestions that you would like to share whether they relate to hardware, software, application, or information from Pico. If you are looking for something interesting to read this Christmas, why not look back through our newsletters or check out our Automotive Forum, and refresh your memory of some great diagnostic advice that has been shared.

Finally, we would like to say a special thank you to all our customers for your support and engagement. Your involvement helps us focus the efforts of the Pico team in those areas where we can best help you improve your businesses. We wish you and your families a great holiday and look forward to making 2021 even more exciting for PicoScope users worldwide.

Pico will be closed from December 24th and will re-open on January 4th 2021, refreshed for the new year and looking forward to continuing to make PicoScope even better.