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New PicoScope 7 Automotive release (7.0.79)


We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PicoScope 7 Automotive, version 7.0.79, is now available to download.

New Features:

  • PicoScope 7 Automotive Early Access will now include access to the beta version of the Reference Waveform Library
  • The A to Z of PicoScope is now included in the Guided Tests menu under the Don’t Panic button 
  • Users with PicoScope 4823 with the integrated Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) can now take advantage of the beta version of the Free draw tool
  • Restructuring of the Trigger controls have now been implemented within PicoScope 7
  • PicoScope 7 now includes 10 of the most popular scope tools in the UI tool panel (by default)


  • Fixed a crash when going into streaming mode for certain devices
  • Improvements to the stability of 4x25A scopes when using a DC power supply
  • Improvements to EV Guided Test menu with regards to warnings, content, functionality and German translations
  • Improvements to the editing feature of measurements specific to Spectrum mode
  • Improvements to the show/hide channel feature when using a combination of active channels, maths, and reference waveforms


Thank you once again to the software teams for this latest version of PicoScope 7 Automotive, which you can download here or via the auto-update feature in the application.

If you want to read more about how to use PicoScope 7 Automotive, Steve Smith has a forum thread where he explains more about the updates for each software release. You can find this forum thread here.