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PicoScope 7 Early Access: Feedback



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PicoScope 7 Automotive has now been with us for 2 years (can you believe it?), and we have documented the progress from our initial release and subsequent updates here.

Thanks to the collective feedback from our customers, further development of PicoScope 7 has been guided by end users, to ensure it remains applicable to our trade both now and in the future. 
Customer feedback is at the heart of everything we do, as it provides the foundation upon which to focus the resources of our software teams. From 'New Feature Requests' to 'Bug Fixes', improvement suggestions to complaints, each and every piece of feedback is reviewed and triaged accordingly.
As a result, you can be assured that we are always listening and acting on customer feedback. Here a just a few examples:

Re: PS7 waveform library
- Interface suggestion...

Of course, not all feedback will see immediate results, as we try to focus on concerns that will cover the broad spectrum of users. That is not to say that your suggestions have been lost or forgotten, far from it! Once PicoScope 7 Automotive reaches parity with PicoScope 6 Automotive, we can then focus on the new features and feedback items that are currently 'parked'. 

As we progress with PS7, please keep<br> the feedback coming, regardless of the operating system you are using (Windows 11 in-particular)! If you discover something that you are bursting to share, simply click on More > Send Feedback within the software.

From Pico to you all, thank you so much!