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New PicoScope 7 Automotive Early Access release (7.0.85)


We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PicoScope 7 Automotive Early Access, version 7.0.85, is now available to download.

New Features:

  • Warning when selecting “Print” in dark mode, to save ink when printing

  • Change the trace line thickness within the preferences menu


  • Improvements to the graph when “free” or “line” drawing

  • Mouse wheel scrolling for horizontal zoom with included zoom overview window  

  • A new ‘Flip horizontal’ button included when editing waveforms

  • New buttons for import 'Whole Trace' and ‘Between time rulers’

  • 'Undo' button added to the top menu of AWG viewport  


  • Screen display improvements for lozenges and icons

  • Translation support extended to 30 languages

  • ‘Recent files’ screen no longer showing temporary files

  • Ensure data from previous capture has cleared from current buffer

  • Improvements to text alignment displayed in dialog boxes (Mac)

  • Improvements to display of AWG controls when resizing AWG window

  • Improvements to display of labels within channel lozenges

  • Loaded waveforms containing a trigger mode now memorised when selecting “run” 


Thank you once again to the software teams for this latest version of PicoScope 7 Automotive Early Access, which you can download here or through the Update feature in PicoScope 7 Automotive Early Access. 

If you want to read more about how to use PicoScope 7 Automotive, Steve Smith has a forum thread where he explains more about the updates for each software release. You can find this forum thread here.