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New release of PicoScope 6 Automotive



Product news

PicoScope 6 Automotive & PicoDiagnostics


New Features in PicoScope 6 Automotive:


  * Serial Decoding UI improvements

  * Serial Decoding - Packet Fields integration

  * Serial Decoding Table performance improvements

  * Added CAN FD Serial Decoder

  * Added pop-up notifications

  * Redesigned channel overrange warning

  * Improved handling of mismatched PicoScope .psdata files


New Features in PicoDiagnostics:

  * Google Analytics integration

  * NVH

    - Filters improvements

    - Up to 64 harmonic markers can be added

    - Microphone playback now combines all channels in view into a single audio channel

    - OBD PID data can be logged in parallel with vibration data


There are 22 bug fixes in this build and updates to the drivers.

You can find the latest version of the PicoScope Automotive software here.