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Help at hand in PicoScope 7 Automotive


You may have been aware of the PicoScope 7 Automotive beta (now labelled Early access) that has been in development over the last year or so? (If not, head over to the Downloads web page to grab a copy and see all the new and updated features.)

We have redesigned PicoScope 7 Automotive from the ground up to:

  • Have a consistent user interface style and behaviours, which means they will feel familiar and intuitive to you in a shorter time, making them easier to learn.
  • Present the most important features and settings in the places where you would naturally look for them, making them quicker and easier to find and navigate.
  • Have less visual clutter with fewer controls and a clean, balanced, user interface so that it is easy on the eye
  • Have a user interface you can easily scan to quickly absorb the important settings and data.

However, we recognize that some of you will be using PicoScope Automotive for the first time or be unfamiliar with some of its tools or features. With that in mind, we have added access to our A to Z of PicoScope in the Support materials section of the guided test menu.

The A to Z of PicoScope section provides direct access to help from within PicoScope 7 Automotive. Each PicoScope feature has a corresponding entry listed alphabetically in it. In total, there are around 50 entries, ranging from Auto arrange to Zoom. Each entry contains a brief description of what it does and a link to further information on our website.

Clicking on the link in an A to Z of PicoScope entry will take you to a more detailed feature description on the website. The feature description consists of the following sections: what it does, how it helps you and how to use it.

The "What it does" section briefly explains the main use of the feature.

The "How it helps you" section describes in more detail (with examples, where appropriate) the advantages and benefits of the feature and how it can help your diagnostic work and make the associated jobs/tasks easier or faster or improve their outcomes. The section aims to help you understand why you would use the feature.

The "How to use it" section describes the key steps you need to follow to use the feature. It includes an animated screengrab designed to clearly illustrate those key steps.

A further benefit of having this information on a webpage, for those of you whose first language is not English, is that you can use Google Translate to translate it to your preferred language.

All-in-all, each A to Z of PicoScope entry should give everyone a complete understanding of what each feature does, why it is important and how you can get going with it. We hope it makes your PicoScope diagnostic journeys that bit easier and more productive.