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New product: Our new PicoBNC+® 60 A DC compact current clamp



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This month we launched our new PicoBNC+® 60 A DC compact current clamp. We believe that it will become a natural choice for those of you who are PicoScope 4225A and 4425A owners looking to add a compact low amps clamp to your PicoBNC+ probe collection. 

The PicoBNC+ 60 A DC compact current clamp has a reduced form factor that fits comfortably in your hand and improves accessibility in tight and difficult to access test locations, making it easier for you to hold and use it around vehicles.

Likewise, the new clamp’s in-built PicoBNC+® technology also makes it easier for you to use: As the clamp is scope-powered there are no batteries for you to change and it is always ready to go. Automatic probe recognition saves you from having to select the probe in the software. Automatic range switching means you don’t have to change the range on the probe itself, just select a range in the software and the probe will take care of itself. You don’t even have to zero the clamp, PicoBNC+® can take care of that too.

We have worked to ensure that the clamp’s measurement accuracy and signal clarity are a step up from other comparable clamps, particularly in low current ranges. The resulting cleaner waveforms will bring noticeably better diagnostic accuracy to your workshop.

Screenshot of waveform captured with PicoScope and the TA496 current clamp

Comparison of waveforms from TA018 (blue) and TA496 (red) current clamps showing the latter's improved accuracy.

You can use the TA496 to easily capture waveforms from many common, electronically controlled, actuators, such as petrol and diesel injectors, ignition coils, exhaust gas recirculation, throttle, turbo and fuelling control valves, fuel pumps and window and wiper motors etc. You can even use it to capture parasitic battery drain and broadband lambda sensor waveforms. In addition, the TA496 clamp is CAT II 300 V rated and double insulated so is suitable for use within a wide range of automotive environments.

You can purchase the new PicoBNC+® 60 A DC compact current clamp via our distributors or directly from our website.