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October 2017

Newsletter October 2017

New product: Engine and Hydraulics Kit

Our new Engine and Hydraulics Kit offers mobile repair technicians a single solution to diagnose the majority of systems on all mobile plant machinery, including tractors, back-hoe loaders, combine harvesters, and telehandlers. With this kit, the technician can diagnose problems across the engine / hydraulic system boundary by directly relating engine characteristics to the performance of the hydraulic system and vice versa.

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New Guided Test: Keyless entry

This test evaluates the operation of keyless entry and keyless starting systems with Pico Technology’s Keyless entry signal carrier detector. There are many different names for the same system, but it is most commonly referred to as smart entry/start or Passive Keyless Entry (PKE).
In this video, Ben Martins will walk you through the test for the keyless entry sensor: how to connect, how to use the sensor detector tool and how to analyze the waveform.
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Updated Guided Test: Camshaft Hall Effect

This month we have updated our Camshaft - Hall Effect Guided Test.

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the operation of a Hall effect camshaft position (CMP) sensor with the engine at idle speed.
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Frank Massey's
Compression analysis: Episode 4

Frank uses the WPS500X to capture the real-time pressure in Cylinder 1 on a running car.

Engine Light On - No Communication

In this video, Eric O reviews the steps needed to diagnose the CAN H & L network to figure out what is going on with this Pontiac G6.

Ford 5.4 V8 Misfire Case Study 

Ivan looks at a Ford with a misfire. However, it's not just any misfire and even Ivan is surprised by his findings. 

NVH Case Study: Faulty engine mounts

My 1996 Rover 100 helped me get to grips with NVH. Being pre-OBDII, it's not possible to take a live RPM feed from the diagnostics socket. However, the Pico optical pickup gives a perfect RPM signal using the crankshaft pulley, but I have to place it under the offside wheel arch, which is not ideal, especially if road testing. After a minor modification of a passive filter circuit found on the internet, it was possible to derive a stable RPM signal from the low-tension side of the coil to feed into Channel D on the PicoScope. Everything was then in place to start running the NVH diagnostics…

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