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July 2023

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PicoScope 7: Exciting upgrades to guided tests and the toolbox application

PicoScope 7 Automotive Early Access has recently received a substantial upgrade for oscilloscope guided tests. This development also marks the transformation of the PicoScope 7 Automotive Waveform library and Waveform management application, into a new, full-blown, automotive Toolbox support application. It marks a significant advance, equipping you all, but especially those of you in the early stages of your oscilloscope diagnostics journey, with ever more powerful diagnostic capabilities, and providing us with further application integration opportunities.

What's New?
The new, versatile, Toolbox application is accessible on multiple platforms so, for the first time ever, we have Guided test support in PicoScope on macOS and Linux platforms, as well as Windows. No matter which operating system you prefer, the Guided tests are now at your fingertips, streamlining your diagnostic processes with ease.

To cater to our diverse global community of automotive technicians, we have expanded the availability of Guided tests to 14 supported languages. 
"We are thrilled to introduce these groundbreaking upgrades to our automotive oscilloscope Guided tests in the Toolbox application. By expanding platform compatibility and language support, we aim to empower automotive technicians worldwide with the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot with ease and precision. And from here on, the Toolbox will provide an ever-strengthening pillar of diagnostic support to all our users." - Phil Service, Automotive Business Development Manager at Pico Technology
Stay tuned for more updates, and explore the enhanced Guided tests in the Toolbox application to elevate your diagnostic capabilities to new heights. You can download PicoScope 7 Automotive Early Access for free on our website.


Vote for Pico in the Instrumentation Excellence Awards!

We at Pico are very proud to have been nominated for the Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2023. In Pico Automotive, we celebrate a nomination for the MT03A Motor and Milliohm Tester, as well as the cross-discipline PicoScope 7 software.

Have you had good experiences with either of these products? If you would like to offer your support, you can vote for us in the Monitoring and Metering Product of the Year and Software Solution of the Year categories (the eagle-eyed amongst you might also spot us in the Signal Conditioning Product of the Year category for Test & Measurement!).

Your support is, as always, invaluable to us. And remember, if you have testimonials for or feedback on these products, or any others, we are always eager to hear your thoughts.


Volvo XC90: A video case study

This month's case study focuses on a misfire in a Volvo XC90. In this video, Steve evaluates the cause of an engine misfire, prior to dismantling using minimal intrusion measurement techniques.

You can check out this video on the Pico Automotive YouTube channel. On our channel, you can also find The Case Study Files - a collection of all of our video case studies in one, convenient place.

Re: Maths is cool

An update to our Re: Maths is cool forum post focuses on compression testing. Check it out on our website!


Vacancy: Automotive Support Assistant

We have a vacancy in our automotive team.

The key role will help us to continue to provide first-class product sales support for our customers, in particular for our OEM (e.g. vehicle manufacturer) customers. It is an excellent opportunity for an organized individual that is looking to move into another part of the automotive industry, or see how things are done "on the other side of the fence".

You'll be working with a well-established, close-knit, team that is relentlessly focused on its customer's needs, and supporting each other. We might even put a smile on your face from time to time. In addition, you will get to work for a successful, fast-growing, company that genuinely cares about and looks after its employees.

What's not to like? If you think that Pico is for you, check out the vacancy on our careers site and apply today!


Pico on the web

In this section, we spotlight some recent Pico product appearances across the web.
Have You Seen the PicoScope PQ334 Pressure Transducer… it’s BNC+!

The Mechanic Mindset team review our PicoScope PQ334 Pressure Transducer.
Pico 7 Automotive Start-Stop and Buffers Training

The team at Driveline Master investigate start-stop and buffers in our PicoScope 7 Automotive software.

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