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August 2019

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…we have a guest case study written by Mario Rojas from Florida, USA, going into detail on how he diagnosed a problem with misfire/MIL on a Chevrolet Suburban. Our video and article series PicoScope NVH and Maths is cool continue. Our team has worked hard to update and complete another batch of Guided tests and we have a "Best of the web" section with two of the most popular videos featuring PicoScope this month. There is also still time to enter our newsletter giveaway competition where you can win a WPS500X kit. To finish this newsletter we have a simple survey asking for your help and feedback. Check it out and let us know if the issue is relevant to you.

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Chevrolet Suburban | Misfire and MIL concern
By Mario Rojas, Great Bear Automotive, Miami, FL.

I received a work order for a misfire and MIL concern on a 2009 Chevrolet Suburban 5.3L. As I’m walking out to the parking lot, a plan of attack is already contemplated. I usually will follow the same exact plan of attack when it comes to any misfire. As I see it, there's a fork in the road on a misfire strategy. Road number one leads us down the path of a mechanical failure/cylinder wash possibility. Road number two leads us to all of the other possibilities; air/fuel concerns, ignition, electrical, etc. In some cases, the injector of a misfiring cylinder may be disabled, so as to prevent cylinder wash in the case of weak/no spark conditions (something I always keep in the back of my mind).


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PicoScope NVH episode 3: 
NVH setup

Steve Smith and Frank Massey explain their approach when dealing with a customer complaint and how to set up the tools and do the tests.

We are releasing another batch of new and updated Guided tests: 

We have recently updated our FirstLook™ sensor-based guided tests. As well as an improved layout, offering clearer navigation of the information you require, these tests have additional information on identifying anomalies in your waveforms, their causes, and how to identify the offending cylinder stroke or engine phase.
  GT129 Exhaust pulsation (ignition triggered) during cranking.
The purpose of this test is to assess engine condition during cranking by using the FirstLook™ sensor to observe exhaust pulsation
  GT130 Exhaust pulsation (ignition triggered) during idle.
The purpose of this test is to assess engine condition during idling by using the FirstLook™ sensor to observe exhaust pulsation.
  GT131 Intake manifold pulsation (ignition triggered) during cranking.
The purpose of this test is to assess the engine condition during cranking by using the FirstLook™ sensor to observe intake manifold pulsation.
  GT132 Fuel pressure regulator vacuum pulsation (ignition triggered) during idle.
The purpose of this test is to assess fuel injector activity using the FirstLook­™ sensor by measuring fuel pressure regulator diaphragm fluctuations with the engine at idle.

Maths is cool image

Maths is cool - Part 8
By Steve Smith

I finally got to revisit the Sherpa Van to determine why we experience a fluctuation in dwell angle of approximately 10° during the transition from idle to higher engine speeds.
Best of the web:

Testing for Blown Head Gasket with the PicoScope
In this video, Eric O. takes a look at an Acura MDX that was towed in. He was told that it had overheated several times. The last time they got it hot, it was so hot it would not start again. Now, Eric O. will see if he can make a quick diagnosis on this one using the PicoScope.

2009 Chevy Suburban 5.3L - Misfire (P0306) - DIAG & FIX

Mario diagnoses this misfire by using techniques he learned in Brandon Steckler's classroom. This video accompanies Mario's case study in this newsletter. 
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