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October 2016

Newsletter October 2016

Guided Test: Bosch LSU 4.2 broadband oxygen sensor

This month we present a Guided Test from Steve Smith, testing a Bosch LSU 4.2 broadband oxygen sensor.

This Guided Test will be included in a future update of our PicoScope 6 Automotive software, but you can find the full test on our website right now.

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the operation of a Bosch LSU 4.2 oxygen sensor (pre-catalyst) in relation to the air-fuel ratio using the voltage drop method.

How to perform the test


1: 1 x TA125 Test lead
2: 1 X TA126 Test lead
3: 1 X TA127 Test lead
4: 1 x TA018 Current clamp
5: 1 x 6 way Universal breakout lead set (required size may vary)

PicoScope settings
ChA : x1 Test lead ±1 V
ChB : x1 Test lead ± 1 V
ChC : x1 Test lead ±20 V
ChD : 20/60 A current clamp ± 2 A
Timebase: 1 s/div
Sample count: 1 MS (min.)

Note: The correct operation of the oxygen sensor depends on:

  • the temperature of the sensing tip
  • the mechanical condition of the engine
  • fuel quality
  • engine temperature
  • the external environment of the sensor (contamination)
  • the integrity of the engine management system
The following procedure assumes that the conditions mentioned above are all in order and the oxygen sensor is functioning correctly. Any failures identified with the operation of the oxygen sensor while... 
Read the complete Guided Test >

Frank Massey's Top ten tests with PicoScope: Test 5

Pico and Frank Massey of ADS Limited bring you Frank's fifth test in his "Top ten tests with PicoScope" series.

This month: ignition profiling.

Product focus: Test leads

Did you know that Pico provides a variety of different length leads (including USB) for your scope?
Check out Phil Rutt's product focus piece this month.

Best of the web – YouTube video

Intermittent No Start - Fuel Pump Current Ramping

New PicoScope user Eric O, owns and operates a small town shop in upstate New York, South Main Auto Repair.

In this video Eric discusses the importance of knowing why you are changing a part, and being 100% sure it is at fault. Eric looks at a Jeep Grand Cherokee that has a no start condition (unless you bang on the gas tank). To be 100% sure of his assessment, Eric uses his PicoScope (advanced kit) and gathers a current ramp of the fuel pump, showing the difference between the new one and the old one.

To subscribe to Eric's channel follow this link to his YouTube account: South Main Auto Repair.

Waveform Library

The waveform library first appeared in our PicoScope 6 Automotive software in June 2014. Since then, over 2750 waveforms have been added to the library by users from around the world.

Having access to this ever-growing library of reference waveforms that covers a multitude of vehicles, engines and fuel types is invaluable. The Waveform Library currently lives under the File menu within PicoScope. It can be accessed using the same login credentials you use to access our Support forum
New users can easily register using just an email address and, with their
PicoScope connected, access the Waveform library via the software (assuming
an internet connection is present).

For more information on this fantastic software feature please view our Waveform library page.


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