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July 2014

Latest Software: Waveform Library now in stable release!

The current stable release of PicoScope is PicoScope 6 Automotive R6.9.14 and now includes: Waveform Library Browser, improvements to Serial Decoding, new Maths Channel filters, Duty cycle graphing, and various bug fixes.

Waveform Library Browser Update

Our Waveform Library is growing every day. With nearly 450 waveforms now available for users to browse, preview, open, or set as a reference.

To access the Waveform Library you must have an automotive scope connected and have a valid user name and password for the Pico Automotive forum.

An update to the Waveform Library Browser now gives you the ability to manage your uploaded waveforms:

  • Request removal of one of your uploaded waveforms.
  • Edit Waveform allowing you to edit your uploaded waveform information.
  • My Waveforms shows you a list of your uploaded waveforms.

Note: Once a removal request has been made, the waveform is hidden from all users.

These updates are covered in Steve Smith's Waveform Library Update thread on our forum.

The more good waveforms in the database the more useful it will be. If like many users you have built up a collection of waveforms on your own PC, now is the chance to give something back to the community and help fellow techs by uploading them to the database. Adding an existing waveform from your PC to the online waveform database is as simple as loading the waveform into PicoScope, checking details such as vehicle Make and Model are present, and selecting Save and Share.

Waveform Library Competition

Don't forget all the waveforms uploaded to the database before midnight on July 31st will be entered into a draw for 10 chances to win a voucher worth GBP100 / USD165 / EUR121. This voucher can only be used when ordering direct from Pico Technology, and there is no cash alternative.

One of the most useful types of waveform is CAM vs CRANK. To encourage you to upload these waveforms 5 of the 10 vouchers will be awarded to people who have uploaded this type of waveform.

There is no limit to the number of waveforms you can upload, the more you upload the more chances you have to win but, if in the judges' opinion a waveform has been uploaded with no useful content simply to enter the competition, then the entry will be removed.

For more detail and guidance of the Waveform Library, please see Steve Smith's Waveform Library Browser thread on our Automotive forum for more information.

New accessories: WPS500X Universal hose and adapters


On the 1st August 2014 we will update the way in which you can connect your WPS500X to your vehicle. Our accessories list will include a simple universal hose, with a selection of adaptors:

  • TA212: Standard hose
  • TA213: M10 short reach adaptor
  • TA214: M10 deep reach adaptor
  • TA216: M12 deep reach adaptor
  • TA217: M14 short reach adaptor
  • TA218: M14 deep reach adaptor
  • TA219: M16 Ford Triton adaptor
  • TA220: M18 adaptor

This change also affects the contents of our WPS500X kit. We will be removing the M14, M10, and M12 compression hoses, and replacing them with the standard WPS500X compression hose, M10 short adaptor, the M12 deep reach adaptor, and both the short and deep reach M14 adaptors.

Please keep an eye on our Pressure Sensors, Transducers and accessories page for more information.

Top Tech Tip: WPS500X Back leakage tests


Sticking with the WPS500X theme, Steve Smith recently added a fantastic thread to our Picoauto forum. The thread, entitled "WPS500X Pressure transducer back leakage tests" covers the Spill Test or Back leakage test procedure when diagnosing common rail diesel systems.

Spill or back leakage is an essential feature of the common rail diesel systems confirming adequate lubrication of the injector assemblies, whilst providing a degree of cooling as a beneficial side effect. Traditionally we have measured the volume of back leakage using graduated collection bottles, whilst monitoring both the rate and amount of fill during cranking or pre-set running conditions.

The back leakage test will always remain relevant as manufactures often specify the volume of back leakage against time (Cubic Centimetres per seconds CC/S). There is however an alternative using the WPS500X pressure transducer that offers some additional advantages:

  1. Connecting the WPS in series with the injector spill return hose will enable the technician to measure the back leakage pressure/pulsations under numerous engine speed and load conditions. The technician can now monitor the contributing back leakage pressure from each injector whilst road-testing the vehicle under the conditions described by the customer or DTC freeze frame data.
  2. The WPS500X pressure transducer will need only one connection into the back leakage return pipework as opposed to disrupting 4 x injector spill hoses on a four cylinder engine.
  3. Using the WPS transducer in conjunction with PicoScope will provide a hard copy of test results including any relevant engine test conditions such as RPM, MAF, MAP Fuel Pressure etc. This builds customer confidence and provides feedback to warranty/insurance companies.

To read the rest of this Top Tech Tip, please visit the thread on our automotive forum.

Automechanika Frankfurt

{news_item:alt_text} is the leading international meeting place for the automobile sector. As the world's biggest trade fair for the automotive aftermarket, the Automechanika spotlights innovations and solutions in the fields of parts, systems, tuning, workshop equipment, bodywork & paintwork, car wash, IT & management and the latest automobile services. Back in 2012 Automechanika Frankfurt attracted over 4500 exhibitors, and over 147000 visitors over the 5 day period.

Pico will be at the show in 2014 with our latest innovative products and accessories so if you are attending, why not come and see us in Hall 8.0, stand H61.

Employment opportunities

Do you want to work at the leading edge of automotive diagnostic and test equipment design? Or perhaps know someone that would thrive in our industry and the environment Pico Technology provides?

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our expanding team. Based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire we are a growing company with fantastic employee benefits and prospects.

Why not visit (or recommend) our web page, and see what we have to offer?!

Training courses

If you own, or are thinking of buying, a PicoScope Automotive Diagnostics Kit, you mustn't miss the Professional Diagnostics Ltd engine management diagnostics course. This two-day official Pico Technology course introduces the basic working principles of engine management systems, component testing and system diagnostics using oscilloscopes. The course is split between class-based theory sessions, and practical demonstrations in a workshop using the PicoScope Automotive Diagnostics Kit. The two day course includes everything you need to get the best from an oscilloscope.

Please contact Professional Diagnostics Ltd via their contact form to register interest. Please state your location and training needs when completing the form. Alternatively you can call 07881 555385 or visit for more information.

A certificate of completion from Pico Technology Ltd will be presented to qualifying delegates. The courses run from 9am to 5pm with an hour for lunch (lunch is included in the booking fee).

Please contact ProDiag via their contact form to register interest in any of their training courses.

PicoScope Diagnostics Course
London, Surrey
2nd-3rd August 2014

There are also courses planned later in 2014, at the following locations:

  • Bedford, England
  • Bournemouth, England
  • Spennymoor, County Durham, Scotland
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Warwickshire, England
  • Honiton (Exeter), England
  • Lancaster, England

Autonerdz, a Pico distributor based in North America, delivers PicoScope Oscilloscope Training both at its headquarters located in Olympia WA, and online. The following date is currently available:

PicoScope Hands-On Class
12th September, 2014
4715 Fir Tree Rd SE, Olympia, WA USA 98501 (Autonerdz Training Center)

For further information, or to register early, call Autonerdz on 877-628-4899 FREE (Toll Free USA and Canada) or via email.

PCB Automotive, a Pico distributor based in Italy, are taking their PicoScope training courses on tour. The following dates and locations are available:

PicoScope Class: Sicily
September 25th Level I
September 26th Level II
September 27th Level III

For more information please visit the PCB Auto events webpage, or email them directly.


Please visit Pico Exhibitions for the latest list of exhibitions and trade shows that Pico and its representatives will be attending.

We're hiring!

Thanks to our continuing success and growth Pico are always seeking talented people to join our company.

Please visit to see our current vacancies. We look forward to hearing from you!

Software releases

Our latest software releases are available as free downloads. To check which release you are using, start the software and select Help > About.

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