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March 2019

Practical Pico
CAN bus diagnostics and serial data decoding

We are so excited to start this week! 

Pico Auto will premiere the next Practical Pico video, CAN bus diagnostics and serial data decoding, on our YouTube channel and Facebook page today, Monday the 25th of March!

We will describe PicoScope features and techniques you can use to diagnose faults in CAN bus systems. First, we will show you how to check the network physically and find common circuit faults. Then we will explore PicoScope's serial data decoding feature and how it can be used to examine CAN communications.

The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session on YouTube and Facebook, on the 27th of March, where Barney, Steve and Ben will be answering questions that were asked during and after the presentation as well as during the live session. 
You can register your interest in the live session and get notifications about it in this Facebook event and this YouTube event.

You can find the premieres on YouTube and Facebook now, airing at 16.00 GMT.
We hope to see you there!
Case study: Hitachi MCU failure
Once again, I find myself standing in a muddy building site. This time looking at a machine with a number of warning faults. The operator could no longer increase the engine's RPM in order to move the machine off-site. The machine had 7169 hours on the clock and a 4 HK 5.2 l engine. 
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CAN bus: Who's online and who said what?
Steve Smith takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk us through CAN Bus. Steve delves into the finer details of CAN Bus signals, discusses Serial Decoding and how we can use this in our Automotive diagnostics.
Steve starts: "As we know, decoding CAN networks into useful, readable and valid information is challenging..."

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Guided Tests
CAN bus: physical layer
The purpose of this test is to determine the physical integrity of a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus by checking its low (CAN-L) and high (CAN-H) line voltages.
CAN bus: serial decoding
The purpose of this test is to view and evaluate Controller Area Network (CAN) bus messages in their number, rather than voltage, form.
Maths is cool - part 3
The series continues. This month, Steve explains how to graph road speed via the ABS speed sensor signal.
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Focus piece: 16-pin CAN Test Box
The true value of a breakout box (BOB) can never be truly appreciated until you have used such a device in the heat of diagnosing. This month, we focus on our 16-pin CAN Test Box, which connects directly to the 16-pin (OBD) diagnostic connector mandated on literally millions of vehicles all over the world.
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Guided Test Videos
Pico's Barnaby Donohew takes us through two PicoScope Automotive Guided Test for CAN Bus diagnostics. From opening the Guided Tests within PicoScope, to connecting the scope to the vehicle, taking your captures, and then interrogating those captures.
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