Premium test leads and USB cables

A very important basic accessory for every scope user is the quality of lead used to conduct your tests. We have all seen spaghetti tied collection of black leads in an engine bay. How do you find your Channel C lead in the chaos? Our premium test leads come in 4 different colours that match our Channel colours. They also come in two different lengths, 3 meters long or 5 meters long. We tend to use the 5-meter leads on certain vehicles like commercial and agricultural vehicles due to their length.

This is also a valuable upgrade to users of older 3000 and 4000 PicoScopes, who only have the old black leads that were supplied at the time. These leads can be purchased in set or separate, as required.

Don’t forget our special USB cables also come in two sizes 1.8 and 4.5 meters. These have better power supply and earthing capabilities than standard off the shelf leads.

You can buy our test leads here