20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

The TA018 current clamp is ideal for use with PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes for measuring currents between 10 mA and 60 A. This enables the PicoScope to display current waveforms for fuel injectors and fuel pumps.

The current clamp has two calibration settings, set by a slider switch on the handle of the probe.

  1. 1 mV/10 mA (100 mV = 1 A)
    — use this for testing currents up to 20 A.
  2. 1 mV/100 mA (10 mV = 1 A)
    — use this for testing current up to 60 A.

In use there is no need to break into the circuit or disturb the isolation as the opening jaws simply clamp around the current carrying conductor. No electrical contact is required.

These current clamps have been designed for use with PicoScope oscilloscopes and feature additional screening to reduce noise pickup. The Pico TA018 current clamp can either be purchased as an accessory within one of our popular diagnostic kits or individually under the packing code PP264.

20 / 60 A current clamp
In stock. Available for despatch.

Connecting the current clamp

The TA018 current clamp features a BNC connector and can be plugged directly into a PicoScope.

Once connected to the PicoScope, switch the current clamp on (green LED should light) and then clamp the jaws around the current carrying conductor as shown.

Typical Uses

The TA018 current clamp simply offers the best value for money without compromising resolution. This current clamp has multiple uses and, with a flexible measurement range from 10 mA to 60 A, the TA018 clamp is suitable for applications such as: 

  • Petrol and diesel injector operation
  • Solenoid testing
  • Throttle motor functions
  • EGR actuator testing
  • Broadband 02 sensor testing (in conjunction with current multiplier)
  • High current consumption tests up to 60 Amps (Motor lock up test)
  • Parasitic drain measurements
Case studies
Jaguar X-type with severe power loss
Engine warning light became illuminated, accompanied with severe lack of power under acceleration after changing gear or when pulling away from rest (evident for approximately 3 weeks).
Injector fault
A 2003 Audi A8 was having a problem with rough running which in turn was causing the engine management light to illuminate.
Battery discharge
Recently I was faced with a customer who had completely given up on the idea of her car ever being fixed. The lady owner of a 2001 Audi A6 1.8 Turbo, explained to me how she has always had problems with the battery discharging.
Guided tests
Primary current
Gasoline direct injection - injector voltage and current
Gasoline direct injection - injector current
Bosch LSU 4.2 broadband oxygen sensor
Ignition primary (current)
Fuel injector (current)
Motorcycle fuel pump (current)
Cooling fan current
Charging voltage and current
Ignition primary voltage and injector current
Multi-coil-on-plug - primary voltage vs current vs secondary
Multi-coil-on-plug unit - primary driver (dual) & current test
Coil-on-plug - primary and secondary voltage (probe) with current
Coil-on-plug primary voltage and current (3-wire)
Coil-on-plug primary voltage and current (2-wire)
Distributorless Ignition: secondary vs primary voltage and current
Distributorless Ignition primary ignition voltage (dual) and current
Distributorless Ignition System primary ignition voltage and current
Distributorless ignition - primary current
Primary ignition and current (using the 10:1 attenuator)
Coil primary current
Cooling fan - variable speed
Unit-injection (VAG PD) piezo injector - current
Unit-injection (VAG PD) piezo injector - voltage and current
CRD (Bosch) piezo injector circuit current
CRD (Delphi) solenoid injector - current
CRD (Bosch) solenoid injector - current at idle
CRD (Bosch) solenoid injector circuit current
Single point injection - injector: current
Multi-point injection - injector voltage and current
Multi-point injection - injector current
Fuel pump - current
Glow plug voltage and current
Lambda sensor - heater current and signal voltage
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Accessories for the 20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

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Foam tray for 2 current clamps

Customer reviews

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dennis vandruff
20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

This current clamp came in the kit I bought from Pico. I can not imagine using the full potential of my scope without
this low current clamp. Pico does a great job of adding the hardware devices into the scope software. so it is plug and use.
Be sure to tell the scope that you are using the current clamp(i made that mistake)
The craftsmanship of the current clamp is very good, gives good traces. I am considering a 2nd clamp for dual traces.

Elijah Sumner
20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

This is such a versatile tool. I use it for so many different functions. Whether it be for a parasitic drain, checking injector current or for coil ramping check, the current clamp always gets used and always helps me to come to the correct conclusion.

Michael John Eilbracht
20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

In my opinion this is the best Low Amp Clamp in it’s class.  It gives good repeatable signals every time.  I finally ordered another one from Autonerdz because the other backup one I had that I used with the Pico one showed to much noise and the amperage did not match the Pico clamp.  This is a great clamp and worth the money.  In fact I think this clamp is inexpensive compared to other Low Amp Clamps as in accuracy and how long it holds on zero before you have to zero the clamp again.  I use this clamp on Transit Buses to check Marine Pump Current, Ac Clutch Current, Cummins Lift Pumps, Defroster Motors, Floor Heaters.  I use it to help isolate circuit issues with computers where I have a circuit code and I want to distinguish it between being an open or short circuit.  I also use it to see if I have a sticking Electronic Epr Valve on Thermo King Ac Systems.  This is a great clamp and I would not substitute it with anything else.

jerry smith
20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

low amp clamp is a very good tool for accurately testing
injectors and all other outputs. very good tool

Mark Stammers
20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

I have 2 of these clamps, along with a Fluke low amp clamp. I rarely use my Fluke clamp now, as the Pico clamps work so well at a fraction of the cost. Although the rise-time spec may be a little less than the Fluke, the reality is that it doesn’t matter. These clamps just do the job.
Note: I would say the low amp range of around 10 to 30 milliamp has similar ‘drift’ as my Fluke clamp).
Great everyday clamps.

Robert Burgy
20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

I had a 3rd party current clamp. it works ok but there is no match for
Pico low current clamp. If you are like me and want the absolute best
data showing from your scope. You need to add this low amp clamp to your scope arsenal.
Please keep up the great products Pico!!!

Ahti Hinnov / Volrem Auto / Estonia
20 A / 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp

Great product for relatively low price. Gives good reliable readings with low noise. With BNC connector and long cable it’s great for automotive use.

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