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Come here to introduce yourself, who you are, what you do, and tell us your
experience with our automotive products.
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G'day Guys and Girls.
Im Gabsta and I am Light Automotive Technician. I recently bought a Picoscope because I want to get familar with how to use the scope and analysing data wave forms.
I am hoping to get involved in the forum and ask plenty question.
Most of my testing will be on a BK mazda 3, So if anyone is looking for some live data give us a shout :)

Steve Smith
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Hello and welcome to the forum, thank you for the post

Please feel free to post and ask as many questions as you like; please also share your experiences with Pico too

Below are some useful links that will help your Pico journey

Training Material

YouTube ... PdEL-Q7m9A There are videos from other trainers too, here is Andy Crooks channel ... =AndyCrook

Direct support

The Pico App

Our Guided Tests can be viewed and analyzed without a PicoScope connected when downloading PicoScope 7 Automotive here (this can help with remote study when your scope is back at the workshop)

I hope this helps, take care......Steve

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