WPS600C Hydraulic Pressure Transducer

With high accuracy and a wide measuring range, the WPS600C Hydraulic Pressure Transducer connects to your PicoScope for convenient analysis and diagnosis of pressurized systems.

WPS600C Pressure Ranges

Two pressure ranges for increased versatility
The two pressure ranges of the WPS600C allow accurate measurement and diagnosis of permanent and non-permanent automotive and industrial hydraulic systems.

Range 1
The first range, 0 to 600 bar (approximately 8700 psi), gives you high resolution and accuracy for high-pressure tests in hydraulic systems.

Range 2
The second range measures from 0 to 60 bar (approximately 870 psi). This range is ideal for low-pressure hydraulic systems and oil pumps.

Range Pressure range Accuracy Response time Output scaling
1 0 to 600 bar
0 to 8700 psi
1% of scale 100 µs 1 V/100 bar
1 V/1450 psi
2 0 to 60 bar
0 to 870 psi
1% of scale 100 µs 1 V/10 bar
1 V/145 psi


Flow Meters

To go with the Hydraulics diagnostics kit Pico can supply a range of flow meters designed to work directly with your PicoScope. The Pico flow meter range has been developed in conjunction with industry-leading flow meter supplier Webtec and is based on their very popular range of turbine flow meters.

At Pico, we can offer you three different sizes of flow meter: 25 lpm, 300 lpm and 600 lpm. All flow meters come with a flow output for direct connection to the PicoScope and an embedded thermistor for measuring oil temperature. They also have an M16x2 Minimess pressure test port for connecting to your WPS600C. The two larger sizes also have a built-in loading valve to enable you to load the hydraulic system under test, allowing you to see the system performance under full load.

For ease of connection, the flow meters are supplied with either SAE or BSP inlet and outlet ports depending on your requirements.


  • PicoScope is the most simple yet complex tool in my workshop for diagnostic use. It lets you see what you previously had to guess was happening.

    Stephen Pender, Australia
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    David Callaghan
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    Vagtech VW Specialist, Manchester, UK
  • The support I have received from Pico over the years has been superb. The regular software and driver updates are a real bonus.

    Shaun Lovelss

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