Videos - Reviews and third-party videos

The automotive diagnostic videos provided here show you what you can do with your Automotive Diagnostics Kit. They are an invaluable training resource and demonstrate how PicoScope and the Automotive Diagnostics Kit can be used to find a variety of vehicle faults.

Reviews and third-party videos

Motor Age How2 #10

Motor Age has made this great video, showing how easy it is to do a battery/charging system test with PicoScope. 

Did you know that this is even easier to do with PicoDiagnostics' automated battery/charging system test?

PicoScope basics: Part 1

In this video Paul 'Scanner' Danner guides you through the essentials of PicoScope and helps you to master basic functions and tests.

PicoScope basics: Part 2

In this video Paul 'Scanner' Danner continues his introduction to the essentials of PicoScope and helps you to release the power of your system.

Coil-on-plug ignition

A great video showing how to test a 4 wire Toyota COP. Shows secondary using COP probe, primary current and trigger signal.

Transmission line pressure testing with WPS500X Pressure Transducer

A video from Autonerdz demonstrating the use of the WPS500X pressure transducer.

GM MAF Sensor test

This video shows how to test a digital (variable frequency) type MAF sensor using a PicoScope.

Scope sampling

An illustration of how changing recorded samples from a scope changes the waveform displayed.

Cam timing verification Rod Maher

Pico lab scope transducer compression test to verify cam timing. Also Cam and crank sensor verification scope test. This video is produced by Rod Maher owner of Marina Motors on Skinner Street in South Grafton.

Air mass meter evaluation

This video shows how PicoScope can be used to evaluate an air mass meter. First a good air mass meter on a Ford Mondeo 2.0 is tested, then an air leak is simulated to show the effect on the air mass meter and the performance of the engine.

Testing an IAC type solenoid

This video shows a PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope being used to test a solenoid type idle air control valve.

Jumped timing chain (no compression on 3 cylinders) - GM 3.6

Anyone looking for information on checking engine timing with a scope, look no further!

Secondary analysis

This video by Mick Jones and Autonerdz demonstrates the power of PicoScope, along with some of its advanced features.

Checking for a jumped timing chain or belt

This video shows how to use your PicoScope to check engine timing.

Ford 5.4 shorted coil primary winding and bad computer driver

2003 Ford Expedition 5.4 coil over plug system with a misfire and a P0356 trouble code. This is a very good case study on how to deal with shorted ignition coils.

How to test an idle air control valve (IAC) using a Picoscope - Ford

How to test an idle control valve (2-wire solenoid type) using a lab scope. This video is for Automotive Picoscope users, but no matter what type of scope you have, the information contained in this video will help.

Pico's Can Test Box

Pico's Can Test Box in action on a GM class II bus. Brought to you by Autonerdz.

Picoscope 4425 Ignition Waveform 2002 BMW 525i

In this video I am analyzing the waveform of the ignition coil in this BMW

Picoscope Basics Part 1

This is part 1 of a series of "scope basics" videos

Picoscope Basics Part 2

This is part 2 of a series of "scope basics" videos

Jeep 4.0L timing problems (a ScannerDanner Premium video)

To my faithful subscribers. This video is part of a series just completed on ScannerDanner Premium.

Automotive Vibration Analyzers - Part 5 of 5 - PicoScope NVH Kit

Weber State University (WSU) - Automotive Technology Department - Transmission Lab. This is the fifth of a five part series on automotive vibration analyzers.

Pico Technology AAPEX 2015 PicoScope Advanced Automotive Kit Video

Pico Technology's Richard Boyd discusses the features of the PicoScope Advanced Automotive Kit, No. 4425 at AAPEX 2015 in Las Vegas.

Pico Tech 2015 Tools

Pico Tech Automechanica 2015 SHOW ME TOOLS

Picoscope secondary set up

Maurice Donovan Picoscope Pico scope Secondary wave pattern oscilloscope automotive training Diesel timing issue allautos diagnostic diagnose Paul Danner Automotive training TaT The Automotive Technician

Volvo Problem Child

A Volvo 940 that had been through many shops trying to cure a misfire and pinging. Diagnosed quickly with a PicoScope, the WPS500 Pressure transducer and a little creativity. Brought to you by Autonerdz.

How to test fuel injectors with a labscope - Chrysler 3.0

This overhead cam 3.0 Mitsubishi engine was used in many different Chrysler platforms. (Plymouth Acclaim, Chrysler LeBaron, Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country etc).

Test batteries, alternators and starter motors using an automotive oscilloscope

PicoDiagnostics software can be used to test the battery (12V or 24), alternator (for charging and diode ripple) , starter motor and associated wiring. 

Petrol fuel injection, observed on oscilloscope

Examining petrol fuel injection on a Volkswagen Polo 1 litre engine, using an oscilloscope. We use a magnetic pick-up around one of the wires going to the injector. 

How to test an idle air control valve (IAC) using a Picoscope - Ford

How to test an idle control valve (2-wire solenoid type) using a lab scope. This video is for Automotive Picoscope users, but no matter what type of scope you have, the information contained in this video will help. 

How to test a MAF sensor using a Picoscope - GM

In this video I will show you how to test a GM 3-wire MAF sensor using a lab scope. GM uses a frequency or digital type of sensor which will produce signals ranging from 2000 to 10000 Hertz (cycles per second).

How to check for a jumped timing chain or belt

The method of timing verification shown in this video can be used on any car. Even on old school, non-computer controlled systems. I am also showing in this video how to properly align the timing chains on a 2003 Suzuki Aerio 2.0

Misfire caused by a misadjusted crank sensor (rubbing on flywheel)

Here, we’re diagnosing an intermittent misfire symptom, caused by an excessive crankshaft position sensor air gap. “Trash in, trash out” is how the saying goes, and this video is a perfect example.

Honda Civic, misfire, stall, hard start, weak spark (bad igniter)

In the field, a weak spark condition usually results in ignition coil replacement. However, there’s also the chance of an igniter issue causing poor saturation and prematurely limiting current flow in the coil windings.

Operation and testing coil over plug ignition (4 wire) - Toyota/Lexus

This case study is perfect for anyone interested in the working details of Toyota/Lexus coil over plug ignition system, and the very similar three-wire designs used by many other manufacturers.

Coil on Plug Ignition

Investigation of a coil on plug ignition system using a four-channel PicoScope and their coil-on-plug ignition probe.

Dodge/Chrysler 3.3L cam/crank correlation problem (incorrect cam gear)

This Caravan case study covers scope testing camshaft and crankshaft sensor signals while diagnosing a timing misalignment code, a valuable skill for all makes and models.

2002 Ford Escape 3.0 Misfire - ignition coils connected wrong

This vehicle came in with a long history, a severe misfire complaint that two shops couldn’t fix, and lots of parts changing along the way. Testing and careful analysis led to a surprising fix.

Understanding running compression waveforms

Viewing the pressure waveforms from inside the cylinder of a running engine can provide a great deal of diagnostic information. Understanding these waveforms will help you spot valve issues, blocked catalytic converters and restricted air intakes.

Mick Jones Secondary Analysis

Secondary ignition analysis by Mick Jones, a veteran PicoScope Diagnostician. This video demonstrates the power of PicoScope, along with some of the advanced features. Thanks Mick!

James Dillon Diagnostics Audi A4 Body Network Issues

James Dillon, Master Technician, takes a look at an Audi with some body electrical faults. Using the Pico Scope, a scan toolo, some logic and test techniques he attempts to correcty diagnose this previously misdiagnosed fault.