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The automotive diagnostic videos provided here show you what you can do with your Automotive Diagnostics Kit. They are an invaluable training resource and demonstrate how PicoScope and the Automotive Diagnostics Kit can be used to find a variety of vehicle faults.

Reviews and third-party videos

O2: Los elementos que influyen en la compresión en los cilindros

MIAC DIAGNOSIS show us a simple method of verifying the compression uniformity of the cylinders of a diesel engine with an oscilloscope.

Product Insight: PicoScope 4425A and PicoScope 7

Motor age has looked closer at the new PicoScope 4425A and the PicoScope 7 Automotive software.

PicoScope: Measuring Fuel Injector Pressure Drop

Eric O. takes us through the process he likes to use to check fuel injectors on a car that is setting lean codes.

Infinity G35 Crank No Start

This vehicle was from an auction for a crank no start concern. The shop had replaced the fuel pump and a few other parts trying to get it started. I was able to tell an engine mechanical fault right away just by cranking the engine over. Always start with your basic checks first before diving in.

P0011 Hyundai i20 - Part 1 - Diagnosis - cam/crank & in-cylinder

This vehicle came in running rough with a P0011 code. We initially checked it in the carpark thinking it had no PCM control of the intake camshaft actuator. We thought wrong and found out the real reason after getting it in and connected to Pico.

Slow/Weak crank - Worn starter motor brushes picked up with a scope

In this video, we diagnose and fix an intermittent weak crank. Using a couple of tools, we diagnose it without getting our hands dirty. We show you before and after.

NEW PicoScope 4425a Unveiled and Demonstrated on a 2009 GMC Yukon HYBRID!

What’s better than getting new diagnostic equipment? Getting a brand New Pico 4425a! What’s better than getting a new 4425a? Getting to use it to diagnose a vehicle right away!!

Current Flow Testing Through A Damaged Wire (Oscilloscope and Meter) Voltage Drop?

I just wanted to make a video showing voltage drop and it went completely sideways. I was hoping to show a huge drop with one wire like a lot of instructors show. They always say one strand of wire can’t carry current but this proves it wrong.

Introduction to Automotive Oscilloscopes & PicoScope

This video is all about getting started with automotive focused oscilloscopes. We discuss the basic application of a digital storage scope (DSO) in the automotive world. After that, we take a look at common parts and components in a PicoScope automotive kit.

2017 Ford Flex 3.5l SEL P025A and U0109

I got called out to a used car dealership and they said this 2017 Ford Flex 3.5l SEL had a code for a fuel pump control module. They replaced the fuel pump control module and still had codes.

Unboxing and First use of Pico Technology 4425a Oscilloscope

From my first impressions, this scope is a game-changer. With the quick connect leads that auto-sense which probe you’re using(when you use BNC+ leads) you’re up and running quicker. Which means faster diagnoses time, and as a flat-rate technician that means more money in your pocket.

Tool Review: Pico Technology PicoScope 4425A PicoScope 7 Software

In this video, Scott Brown, ASE Master Certified L1 Technician, reviews the PicoScope 4425a and PicoScope 7 software.

Picoscope 4425A Advanced oscilloscope first look & Impressions

Here I share the first looks and impressions of the new Picoscope 4425A oscilloscope.

Network Communication Testing: K-Line, Serial and CAN Bus

This video was created to serve as a primer for network communication/information bus on vehicles. I show how different types of vehicle information is transmitted on networks.

Exhaust System Backpressure Testing

PicoScope Testing & BMW E46 Case Study

The process became a great case study for utilizing the transducer testing and following a process to rule out our common air, fuel and spark diagnostic process.

PicoScope 4425A & COP probe demonstration

In this video, Scott Brown demonstrates the PicoScope 4425A, the TA204 COP and signal probe, the PicoBNC+ smart probe TA398, and the 60A AC/DC Current Clamp with the PicoBNC+ smart probe TA473 in analyzing an engine misfire, along with a post-repair analysis.

Low power complaint - 2006 Ford Transit

A Ford Transit with a complaint of low power. They suspected a fuel issue but we prove otherwise using our scan tool, our brain and Pico 7.

Pico Masks 2009 Hyundai Sonata P0121

Example of when to use masks. This vehicle has an intermittent P0121 setting once every few months. I was not able to duplicate the concern (not surprised).

5 minute Honda Starter Motor Health Check

A quick check on a 07 Honda Accord 2.4L K24A8, starter motor integrity when you run into an intermittent no cranking issue.

2010 Infinity G37X 3.7l AWD Battery Dies Daily?

Customer brought in a 2010 Infinity G37x 3.7l AWD and said AutoZone diagnosed it and the battery was good. They said the Alternator was bad. Customer said they had to Jumpstart it everyday.

2008 Silverado 5.3 Restricted Exhaust P0300

We have a low power / misfire under heavy load situation. Watch as I show you how I proceeded with my diagnosis.

CONSTRUCTION SITE: Genie Short-Crank & No-Start


What seemed to be a quick diagnosis turns into an interesting case study. Took some serious homework to get through this one.

2006 Toyota Tacoma 2.7l 5 Speed Battery Light

Customer Brought in his 2006 Toyota Tacoma 2.7l 5 Speed with a Battery Light on. When I first brought it in the light was on. Let’s use the pico and try to find out if the Alternator failed.

PicoScope Custom Probe Setup - Keith Perkins

After watching this quick video, you will be able to make a custom probe and automatically translate the output into a measurement value you desire.


FIRST LOOK AT THE NEW PICOSCOPE (the 4425a Advanced Automotive Kit)

2007 MINI Cooper - Misfire Diagnosis

We are diagnosing a misfire concern on a 2006 MINI COOPER 1.6L using an oscilloscope.

Advanced Pico Scope Trigger Pico 7 and 6

Here you will see how to stabilize a crank signal using advanced triggers.

Taking Measurements of Your Waveforms in the PicoScope Software

Use your various rulers or the measurement functions in the Pico software to measure frequency, pulse width, duty cycle, rpm, minimum and maximum, etc.

Failed General Motors fuel pump

A GM 3.8l with a failing fuel pump. Diagnosed through amperage measurement with a PicoScope.


A misfire diag on a 2003 Hummer H2 6.0L. Unfortunately, the customer did not approve the job, but the diag process remains the same.

Intake pulse waveform analysis Feat. Brandon Steckler

A special episode including Brandon Steckler. This is just a very small sample as to what you can expect to learn in his class.

How to use Pico math channel and Deep Measure

Super Mario Diagnostics shares some features that are provided by pico that can be helpful in pinpointing signal dropoffs!

"Possessed Lexus" -Part 1

How can a Lexus this new have such a weird driveability problem? It’s just a P0174 Lean code….can’t be anything too crazy right?

"Possessed Lexus" -Part 2

As if the diagnosis wasn’t twisted enough, the Possessed Lexus throws us a curveball…

Crazy Camry Cluster: ABS & CAN Diagnostics

Occasionally, with no rhyme or reason, this 2007 Toyota Camry throws a fit and the instrument cluster goes bizzerk.

But is it the cluster’s fault?


Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics dive in and definitively prove the fault before loading up the parts sniper rifle 😊

1602 Bus Dies going down the road.

Here is another example of why you need a scope. This fault was found on a 2016 Model Bus. The software alone would not have been able to fully isolate this issue.

'09 Prius with multiple cylinders misfiring, or are they?

Voltage Drop Diagnostics shows a technique using exhaust pressures to determine which cylinder is actually misfiring.

Pico Introduction

Introduction video for a series of lessons on using Pico Automotive Scope software by DrivelineMaster.

Pico Lesson 1

Pico lesson 1 in a series of Pico automotive software training by DrivelineMaster. Learn about demo mode and channels.

Pico Lesson 2

Lesson 2 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Lesson 2 is about “Start, Stop and Buffers”.

Pico Lesson 3

Lesson 3 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn about scales and time rulers.

Pico Lesson 4

Lesson 4 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn about different probes and the associated scales.

Pico Lesson 5

Lesson 5 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn about signal rulers and inside tips.

Pico Lesson 6

Lesson 6 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about Time base settings and effects. Also called sweep.

Pico Lesson 7

Lesson 7 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about the horizontal zoom tools.

Pico Lesson 8

Lesson 8 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about triggers and how to use them to your advantage.

Pico Lesson 9

Lesson 9 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about the axis scaling setting. (AKA Vertical zoom)

Pico Lesson 10

Lesson 10 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about waveform sampling and how the setting affects your waveform and file size.

Pico Lesson 11

Lesson 11 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelienMaster. Learn all about DC and AC coupling and how it can affect your waveform.

Pico Lesson 12

Lesson 12 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about the measurement tools within the Pico software. Very cool feature.

Pico Lesson 13

Lesson 13 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about the auto setup feature and saving setup configurations.

Pico Lesson 14

Lesson 14 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about the Automotive preset menu.

Pico Lesson 15

Lesson 15 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about saving, printing and copying.

Pico Lesson 16

Lesson 16 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn all about using reference waveforms.

Pico Lesson 17

Lesson 17 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn how to use the library browser to locate reference waveforms and how to load them as an overlay.

Pico Lesson 18

Lesson 18 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn how to use the rotational rulers to determine crankshaft degrees on a compression transducer waveform.

Pico Lesson 19

Lesson 19 in a series of training videos on using Pico Scope Automotive software by DrivelineMaster. Learn how to make some of the most common preference settings with an explanation about “Slow Sampling Transition”.

Jeep Patriot: Crank Sensor Troubles

In this video, Eric O. takes a look at a Jeep Patriot that is having trouble running. It starts skipping, bucking, engine light flashing and has a code for the crankshaft sensor. Is that really what is wrong with it?

Scope testing 08 aveo, 08 trailbalzer, 10 silverado

3 examples of using PicoScope to test vehicles.

2003 Jeep Liberty Injector Current with Pico Scope

Brian Mann had the opportunity to hook up the scope and test the fuel injector current with and without a noid light installed.

How To Diagnose And Repair Knock Sensor Problems (P0333)

In this LIVE training broadcast, GoTech covers knock sensor diagnostics and repair. They take you step by step through the diagnosis while explaining the knock sensor’s function along the way.

Cranking amps with pressure pulses

James Dillon from Technical Topics demonstrating the technique of relative compression cranking amps allied with pressure pulse testing.

PicoScope - NOT just for the Advanced Level Diagnostician

Proving the value of using a lab scope has always been a topic of debate. Everyone at Trained by Techs has encountered many situations where a labscope, coupled with training and experience, helped to efficiently diagnose vehicles.

Charging system test with PicoScope

In this video, Helmandollar Auto Diagnostics show you how to test your battery and alternator using the PicoScope.

2011 Mini Cooper S R56 Random misfire diagnosis with PicoScope

This is an interesting case and Maic Salazar Diagnostics uses the PicoScope and the Pico multiplex to diagnose this car quick.

2005 BMW X5 EGR Pico Scope testing

Welding Junkie is testing the EGR to make sure it’s putting out its reference voltage as well as its square wave signal. We are lead to believe it’s the spring with carbon build up inside the system.

Airmass sensor testing using the Pico

A VW Transporter with a few running issues, stalling or running rough. We found a few air leaks which we fixed, test drove the car and let it go. A week or so later it came back in with the same issue, so we decided to stick the PicoScope on it.

Pressure Pulse Sensor NOISE Diagnostics

Hans Jorgensen explains how he developed a testing strategy that can be used to accurately and efficiently identify an accessory pulley bearing noise.

The Relative Compression Test

Super Mario Diagnostics’ video of the real-time set up, excluding the pulse sensor portion. And if your not using a preset for the secondary lead, set up your scope for 1000x or 1Kx compensation!

Misfire Detection with Impulse Sensor and Picoscope

CAN diagnosis with Picoscope and Warick Control software by ForkliftGeek.

Top 10 Automotive Scope Tests You Can Make Money With TODAY!

Pete and G. from MotorAge will show you how even the most affordable scope can be put to work to increase your paycheck right out of the box.

Automotive Oscilloscopes: What you need to know

Alex Muir explains what an oscilloscope is, how it works and how to perform two tests: a relative compression test by measuring current into the starter motor, and a full pressure test using PicoScope’s WPS pressure transducer.

2008 Ford Mustang 4.0L - Mechanical Misfire Diag -IN REAL TIME-

A real-time diagnosis on a 2008 Ford Mustang 4.0L by Super Mario Diagnostics. Unfortunately, the repair was declined but I believe that this video may be very useful to those who wish to use pulse sensors to diagnose mechanical faults.

MINI One K-Bus Fault

Join Elite Automotive Diagnostics as he diagnoses a K-Bus fault on this Mini One.

Picoscope Battery Starter test, Snap On TPMS, and Customer Service

​What started out as a quick Starting and Charging system testing video ended up displaying some of the customer service at Tilley’s 76 in Burbank, CA; by DiagnosticDennis.

PicoScope In cylinder transducer compression and cam timing

DiagnosticDennis shows the setup and brief analysis of an in-cylinder compression waveform using PicoScope and the WPS500X transducer.

Testing For Blown Head Gasket With The PicoScope

Eric O. takes a look at an Acura MDX that was towed in. He was told that it was overheated several times. The last time they got it hot, it was so hot it would not start again.

2009 Chevy Suburban 5.3L - Misfire

Super Mario Diagnostics attacks this misfire using techniques that he learned in Brandon Steckler’s classroom.

Motor Age How2 #10

Motor Age has made this great video, showing how easy it is to do a battery/charging system test with PicoScope.

Did you know that this is even easier to do with PicoDiagnostics’ automated battery/charging system test?

PicoScope basics: Part 1

In this video Paul ‘Scanner’ Danner guides you through the essentials of PicoScope and helps you to master basic functions and tests.

PicoScope basics: Part 2

In this video Paul ‘Scanner’ Danner continues his introduction to the essentials of PicoScope and helps you to release the power of your system.

Coil-on-plug ignition

A great video showing how to test a 4 wire Toyota COP. Shows secondary using COP probe, primary current and trigger signal.

Transmission line pressure testing with WPS500X Pressure Transducer

A video from Autonerdz demonstrating the use of the WPS500X pressure transducer.

GM MAF Sensor test

This video shows how to test a digital (variable frequency) type MAF sensor using a PicoScope.

Scope sampling

An illustration of how changing recorded samples from a scope changes the waveform displayed.

Cam timing verification Rod Maher

Pico lab scope transducer compression test to verify cam timing. Also Cam and crank sensor verification scope test. This video is produced by Rod Maher owner of Marina Motors on Skinner Street in South Grafton.

Air mass meter evaluation

This video shows how PicoScope can be used to evaluate an air mass meter. First a good air mass meter on a Ford Mondeo 2.0 is tested, then an air leak is simulated to show the effect on the air mass meter and the performance of the engine.

Testing an IAC type solenoid

This video shows a PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope being used to test a solenoid type idle air control valve.

Jumped timing chain (no compression on 3 cylinders) - GM 3.6

Anyone looking for information on checking engine timing with a scope, look no further!

Secondary analysis

This video by Mick Jones and Autonerdz demonstrates the power of PicoScope, along with some of its advanced features.

Checking for a jumped timing chain or belt

This video shows how to use your PicoScope to check engine timing.

Ford 5.4 shorted coil primary winding and bad computer driver

2003 Ford Expedition 5.4 coil over plug system with a misfire and a P0356 trouble code. This is a very good case study on how to deal with shorted ignition coils.

How to test an idle air control valve (IAC) using a Picoscope - Ford

How to test an idle control valve (2-wire solenoid type) using a lab scope. This video is for Automotive Picoscope users, but no matter what type of scope you have, the information contained in this video will help.

Pico's Can Test Box

Pico’s Can Test Box in action on a GM class II bus. Brought to you by Autonerdz.

Picoscope 4425 Ignition Waveform 2002 BMW 525i

In this video I am analyzing the waveform of the ignition coil in this BMW

Picoscope Basics Part 1

This is part 1 of a series of “scope basics” videos

Picoscope Basics Part 2

This is part 2 of a series of “scope basics” videos

Jeep 4.0L timing problems (a ScannerDanner Premium video)

To my faithful subscribers. This video is part of a series just completed on ScannerDanner Premium.

Automotive Vibration Analyzers - Part 5 of 5 - PicoScope NVH Kit

Weber State University (WSU) - Automotive Technology Department - Transmission Lab. This is the fifth of a five part series on automotive vibration analyzers.

Pico Technology AAPEX 2015 PicoScope Advanced Automotive Kit Video

Pico Technology’s Richard Boyd discusses the features of the PicoScope Advanced Automotive Kit, No. 4425 at AAPEX 2015 in Las Vegas.