Picoscope 4425 device won’t connect

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Picoscope 4425 device won’t connect

Post by Nathaniel_bacon101 »

Just received a picoscope 4425 as a dealer required special tool that I’m trying to setup. Can’t get the device to connect in device manager. It either says “check power” or “failed”. Am using the supplied blue usb cable. This is an issue on multiple devices. 2 FZ-55 laptops and a cf-19 laptop. Attempted a standard usb cable and still gives the same result. Is there an issue most likely with the unit itself? Or possibly the cable?

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Picoscope 4425 device won’t connect

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello Nathaniel thank you for the post and sorry for the late reply

A quick heads up, for a swifter response than the forum, we have support@picotech.com which is viewed by several support team members who can help

Moving onto your 4425-dealer tool

Could you provide the full scope serial number? I am interested in the suffix after the serial number (e.g. -001) I need to confirm you have the correct software for your scope

Could you provide the version of software you are using?

Upon connection of your scope to the USB cable, could you confirm the laptop responds with a "Chime" sound (Pico Scope software is not open at this stage)

Could we confirm there are no updates for your laptops. (i.e. the Hardware and Windows)

If so, could we install these ASAP and recheck if your PicoScope appears in the Device Manager?

With your scope connected and PicoScope software open, do you have any LED indications or functionality on the Scope?

With the scope connected, could you indicate what happens within the software, do you receive an error message?

If so, could you provide a screen shot?

When running PicoScope software will it only run in demo mode? (i.e. no mention or option to connect to your connected scope)

Once again sorry for the late reply, (and all the questions)

Take care……Steve

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