Software updates...

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Software updates...

Post by Technician »

When printing scope traces using rulers etc, the legends don't print. After printing, the channel labels underneath the scope traces A,B,C and D are not colour coded like the rulers, therefore make the presentation difficult to decide which ruler applies to which channel.

Would it be possible to update the software please. I think when presenting information for warranty puposes, the presentation should be as clear and easy to read as possible. The office personal may not be technical people, which could lead to misinterpretation of the information being presented. Thank you.

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Re: Software updates...

Post by ben.martins »

Hi Technician,

Thanks for the feedback.

We are aware there are some niggles with the printing that are on the backlog for the software teams to review. I will add your comments to the tickets.

It is possible to add markers which may make things a little easier but appreciate not ideal.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Kind regards


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