Astra J 1.4T u0100 no crank

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Astra J 1.4T u0100 no crank

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I have the following problem with my Astra J 1.4T with A14NET. The windshield wipers, lights, and horn stopped working, or they were operating without control. The car started, but it was clear that the BCM (Body Control Module) was failing. Then I tried again to start the car and nothing happened and the odometer on the instrument panel showed 000000km. Then I got a new BCM module, onto which the technician copied the data from the old BCM module. Now, when I connected the new BCM, the front windshield wipers don't work. Other functions works fine, and the odometer shows the correct kilometers. However, the problem is as follows. Every time I try to turn the key to the point where the car should start, the lights on the instrument panel go out. The ESP and electric handbrake lights are lit on the instrument panel screen. I also get a Stabilitrak warning. Also the fuel level is 100% not on zero. When I connected the car to a diagnostic device, I received an error code U0100, which means Lost communication with ECM/PCA. I have a new, fully charged battery. CAN HIGH is 2.6V, CAN LOW is 2.3V. The resistance between CAN HIGH and CAN LOW is 68 Ohms. I cleaned all the connectors (contacts) with contact spray and they were not coroded.

Could the poorly cloned BCM module be the cause of this issue?

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