2006 Honda Odyssey Fuel injection/ignition

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2006 Honda Odyssey Fuel injection/ignition

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Good morning all,
I am using a Picoscope 2000 series...
Access to the waveform library is NOT supported BUT the tool appears to have a Reference waveform import option... Would I be correct in assuming that it supports import of waveforms?

I can surely map out the waveforms and do a comparison, but it would be nice to have a baseline.

Random misfire issue that is not specific to any one cylinder...
Currently the engine appears to have no vacuum leaks.

Idle is rough.
Audible knock during acceleration suggesting one or many possible issues.
Off idle performance appears to be good less the knock issue

Replaced very damaged (heat cycled embrittled and corroded knock sensor harness) (completed)
Replaced the knock sensor (completed)
Fuel injector leak down test: current and voltage (pintle hump)


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