2012 VW Tiguan 1.6 Tdi CAYC Engine

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2012 VW Tiguan 1.6 Tdi CAYC Engine

Post by Iver »

This car will intermittently not crank.

It has Start Stop

Suprising thing is that it has 2 starter motor Relays in Series ! I would love to know why ?

I have removed the covers from both relays and it will crank and start if I hold both relays in by hand.
Toureg 2 relay.png
Any ideas anyone ?

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Re: 2012 VW Tiguan 1.6 Tdi CAYC Engine

Post by vasek »

The first relay J906 is used for both variants of the starting system.
The second relay J907 is used only if there is a START-STOP system.
The relay contains a terminal 50R (diagnosis terminal 50) that is used -
in the operation of DC/DC INVERTOR J532 and ECM J623 in the START-STOP mode.

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