Pico 7 phase and graph rulers issue

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Pico 7 phase and graph rulers issue

Post by VASTech »

Hello everyone!
I have found a little software issue regarding phase and graph rulers. Conditions to recreate the problem:
Set phase rulers 0 and 720 on the waveform, then add graph rulers to measure some timing. By changing the offset position of phase rulers, the delta degree of graph rulers should change aswell. It`s only change the value when you move the 0 degree phase ruler, if you change the 720 degree phase ruler, the delta does not update. Found this issue in Version does not have this issue. Hope this issue will be resolved soon! Thank you.

Steve Smith
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Re: Pico 7 phase and graph rulers issue

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello and thank you for the post

I have just confirmed this bug is apparent in PS7 EZ build 7.0.117 too

I will add a bug report for the software team to triage ASAP

Thank you again, take care.....Steve

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