PICO 7 crash when viewing saved forms

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PICO 7 crash when viewing saved forms

Post by Mitchroberson »

so did an in cylinder capture and it covers 3 pages\waveforms when I go back it crashes. I can see page 3 but not page 2 or 1, I can look at by clicking on wave form. and seeing the thumbnail. but if I click on the thumbnail it crashes as well.

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: PICO 7 crash when viewing saved forms

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello and thank you for the post

I am sorry to hear about the "crashing" you have experienced, could you help with the requests below?

Could you confirm the PicoScope 7 version you are using?

Could you confirm if the same symptom occurs with Early Access and Stable versions of PS7?

Could you confirm if the software generates a crash report or closes without warning? (No crash report generated)

If a crash report is generated has this been sent to Pico?

If so, could you estimate a time and date as we can locate this exact crash report

Can you reproduce this crash when reviewing the file above?

If the crash can be reproduced, could you provide a short video demonstrating the events leading up to the crash? (You can send this video to support@picotech.com)

I would like to try the offending file here at Pico, could you send the file into support@picotech.com reference this forum post?

Rest assured we will resolve this for you ASAP

Take care.......Steve

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