Intel iRIS graphics issues (display is blank)

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Intel iRIS graphics issues (display is blank)

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We are aware of an ongoing issue that Intel is having with hardware acceleration in their iRIS graphics.

This affects a number of programs that run on PCs that use this hardware acceleration with iRIS graphics, including PicoScope 7 Automotive.

When you launch PicoScope 7 Automotive on iRIS-equipped PCs you will see a blank screen, as shown here:
If you see a blank screen, confirm that you are, indeed, experiencing an iRIS graphics issue, by going to Windows search (there is a magnifying glass icon for it, next to the Start menu icon, on the Windows taskbar), typing in System information and pressing Enter.

The System Information app/window will open:
In it, double-click on the Components subheading within the left-hand System Summary tree view to expand it.

Then click on the Display heading.

If you see Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics within the adapter type and description information then it will be this that is causing your issues:
Disabling this hardware acceleration will rectify the situation.

This can be easily done by using our zip file found here on our forum:


Make sure to run the “Disable” and not the “Enable” feature.

Note: Intel has released beta drivers to fix the issue but there may be a delay before they trickle down and are adopted/released by your PC manufacturer. As such, please keep an eye out for any future updates to your graphics adapter software from your PC manufacturer.

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