New to scope world , Trying to acquire primary ign

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New to scope world , Trying to acquire primary ign

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Hi all ,
I am new to the pc scope world , So edging in with a 2205a ( the budget dictates ) for now.

I have been trying to acquire a clean wave form of the primary ignition coil on a 1989 XJ40 3.6 Jaguar .
The screen shot attached is my result , Seems like i am doing/setting something wrong as detail is wicked .
i have read and watched demos of capturing primary ign but no luck for me .

I know the scope is low end But Utube vid,s i have seen with same model seem to have much better detail than i can achieve ,
Are they telling porky's or am i incorrectly using the scope .
I also connected it to an G6 Mazda 4 Cyl engine and got same poor result.
Both are distributor type with transistor switching .
Help needed please .
Thank you
PS: Borrowed a probe setting from Ver 7 Demo software if that make any difference .

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