Picoscope 2204a

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Picoscope 2204a

Post by Lakis »

Hello everyone,

I have the Picoscope 2204a but it works only with the version which doesn´t have neither a waveform library nor a filter.
I tried the versions and but I can´t connect to the device
Does anyone have such experience and can I have with the 2204a a filter and waveform library? Or the cheap Scope ist not allowed to have These Options? :evil:

Thanks a lot

Steve Smith
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Re: Picoscope 2204a

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello and thank you for the post.

Unfortunately the 2204 scope will not run with PicoScope 6 Automotive software predominately to protect the device from typical automotive environments.

The 2204 scope is from our Test and Measurement (T&M) range of scopes designed a built for industries other than automotive repair.

The scope will run perfectly with the PicoScope 6 software however the benefits of filtering are not available under the channel options button.

Other features not available within the T&M PicoScope 6 software:

Pico Diagnostic’s software is not included with the Test & Measurement PicoScope 6 software.
Therefore no automated battery, charging and starting system tests
No automated relative compression test
No automated cylinder balance tests
No NVH/Balancing software in which to measure Noise Vibration and Harshness whilst also providing a shaft balancing function.

Moving onto the PicoScope 6 Software you will be missing the following:

1. Over 150 Guided tests are included in the Automotive Tab explaining how to carry out tests to numerous sensors along with diagnostic information
2. All automotive Probe settings are incorporated into the Automotive software allowing users to configure PicoScope based on the accessory used. (E.g. A current clamp)
3. Access to the global Waveform Library is only possible through the PicoScope 6 Automotive Software via an attached Automotive Scope
4. Vehicle details dialog box allows for users to add multiple vehicle information details from VIN to Model Code, Engine code etc.
5. Automotive specific Math channels such as Crank RPM for misfire detection
6. Pre-loaded and customisable channel labels assist user with identification of signals upon review
7. Pre-loaded automotive demonstration waveforms when PicoScope not connected

Coming back to the hardware, the 2204 Scope is excellent value for money however, the 2000 series does not have the protection required for an automotive application such as high input voltages and short circuit protection.

Here you would need to purchase the 4225 or the 4425 scope where you could also take advantage of “Floating Inputs”

Bandwidth, vertical resolution and buffer memory also suffer (with the 2204) in comparison to the 4000 series automotive scope.

This becomes a real issue looking at high frequency signals when analysing them for glitches etc.

To be fair, as an educational and research tool the 2204 is a fantastic piece of kit in an educational environment used by trained individuals (a real pocket rocket) assuming you remain within the safe working limits of the scope.

However in a workshop environment the 4000 series offers all the relevant protection and accessories that are designed and built for purpose.

Just thinking about the maximum input voltage alone with the 2204 scope (20 V).
Even with a 20:1 attenuator installed to measure ignition primary we are still pushing the envelope where primary voltages peak over 400 V (400 V / 20:1 = 20 V, the maximum input of the 2204 scope)

I hope this helps and please feedback for any clarification

Take care…….Steve

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