What it does

ConnectDetect® - available on PicoScope 4x25 and 4x25A Automotive oscilloscopes - indicates whether you have good connections between your test leads and circuits.

How it can help you

It is not always easy to ensure a good connection between a test lead and a circuit and it is not uncommon for them to disconnect during a test. In those cases, it isn’t always obvious whether the waveform you are seeing is due to a vehicle fault or a problem with your test lead connections.

With ConnectDetect®, you can clearly see your test leads' connection status so you no longer have to second guess your measurements.

How to use it

With your (x1) test leads connected to your PicoScope channels and test circuits, open the More… panel and select ConnectDetect®.

With ConnectDetect® enabled, the indicators below your waveforms (and those on the PicoScope device) are green when the connections are good or red otherwise.

Gif showing the ConnectDetect feature in practise